The Smartest Vintage School Lockers At Home

Apr 3, 2016 | Home Style

vintage lockers from A Beautiful Mess

(a beautiful mess)

I’m so inspired by vintage lockers because they come fully-loaded with memories.  Whether they remind you of the gym, your high school or your sports team, most all of us have had a locker at one point or another, so they’re already “familiar” private spaces.  Bringing lockers home is the next level of creating private space: the most clever storage, organization and decor is borne in inexpensive and super-memorable ways.  

vintage lockers


This is the best use of a bathroom wall.  You can literally give everyone at home a locker and, suddenly, counter clutter and the fight for private space is solved!

tomothy oulton interior design

(Timothy Oulton design of LA Athletic Club) 

Painted over as art, lockers are the best industrial “canvas” to create upon.

painted lockers

(rehab vintage) 

With pops of color, these rehabbed vintage lockers are incredible for organizing.

pink lockers


I could look at this weathered pink all day, and imagine all the stories these lockers can tell.  Such charm comes along with every locker set I’ve ever found.

And… I’ve found many.

We almost did a wall of lockers at Mind Body Green’s HQ in Brooklyn, and my exhaustive search led me to Etsy (such great ones!) and local Craigslist and local auctions and… there are lots of lockers to be found! Get creative with your own search and you’ll find your ideal style for super-cheap.  One word on these though: bolt them professionally to the wall. They are heavy and mostly tall and the stable way is the best way.

Have fun with your creative spaces and special storage…!

xoxo Dana


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