Why Is It So Hard To Let Things Go?

Apr 4, 2016 | Creativity

you lack nothing

That’s the question I’m asked all the time.

Intellectually, we all know the things, the habits, the situations, the jobs, the actual junk that we don’t need…and then there’s a bargaining process.

Maybe it’s not that bad.  Maybe I can make it work for me.  Maybe it’s something I can fix. Maybe it’s going to get better.  Maybe it’s just the way I’m acting.  Maybe it’s under control.  Maybe I’ll really need it.  Maybe it’s something I should just deal with later…

But really, you know you have to let it go.

Why is it so so hard? Hard enough that sometimes it just weights down life like an anchor and makes it feel like you’re sinking.

I can tell you one thing so clearly now I didn’t see clearly in the countless numbers of people I’ve guided through the Catalyst Camp de-cluttering material even though it was happening all the time.  I can tell you there’s one thing that is so resonant that I couldn’t conceptualize until I was forced to feel it in my body and understand it so powerfully that I can’t look away now. 

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When you let go of things that you know are not for you, even if they are the most harmful things- addictions or addicted people, giant messes, incredible chaos- there’s something that emerges that it almost impossible to sit in unless you’ re grounded and solid and brave.


People shop compulsively to fill a void of emptiness.  Everything from overeating to collecting drama and hiding in chaos fills a void of emptiness inside that you might not realize is there.  We mask it in our own patterns that are crippling.  It’s tempting to blame other people or bargain with devils and see if you can keep the door open, keep just one or two piles of junk… keep just a little bit of that toxic poison in your life and manage to feel just a little bit full.

There are some people that claim that when you do things like drugs and toxic habits you actually open up to entities.  Actual demons.  Actual stuff that hijacks your mind.  Psychic vampires.  All kinds of anxiety.  I’ve seen, felt and experienced this.  It’s chilling.  You feel insane. You don’t know how you’re functioning when the toxic stuff around you brings in the demons.

The entities are a haze, a cloud… they obsure the great big hole of emptiness that you might have felt for most of your life if you’ve been neglected, abused, not acknowledged, bullied, hurt or abandoned.  And, let’s face it, we’ve all felt some or all of these things.

The same happens with actual stuff that piles up. It’s a big confusion.  We get super-attached to actual things in a way where it’s hard to let go because they can create a great big haze, a cloud or a veneer that makes it impossible to see beneath it all.

When you become brave enough, clear enough and humbled enough to see what you’re doing and dare to let it go… you can actually fill that emptiness with greatness.

It’s not easy. But it’s totally possible.

I learned in the last decade that there are so many ways that you can be the one that fills the void.  You can be the parents you’ve wished you’ve had, you can be the friends and lovers you wish you had and you can to be for yourself all the things that got missed and left this weird and terrifying and very sad emptiness inside.  It’s self love.  It’s actions.  It’s so freeing.

Right beyond the emptiness, you recover your creative abilities, your brilliance and your innocence.  Just past the grief of letting things go and feeling all of it you finally get to feel peace.

There’s an amazing energetic magic principle: Nature abhors a vacuum. So when you make space where you’ve been in a fog, you open up to so much possibility and freshness and greatness that gets sucked in, somewhat magically.

To really create that “magic vacuum” you can’t just throw things away.  That’s just a first step. You also have to experience the loss where you’ve felt attached, the grief where you’ve been very attached.  Confronting all you’ve neglected by carrying this clutter around is sometimes the hardest part.

Step by step you can restore your life to a place you’ve always wished it to be.

When you actually clear space and then heal your life with self-loving actions and compassion and patience and care,  there’s no longer a void to fill with more clutter.  There’s no longer stuff to cover up.

There’s just you.  And you are astonishingly amazing.  And that magical principle of the universe kicks in and rewards you in huge ways.

Now… rise up and take action!!!

I’m sending you so much love and so much courage to make your own space.

xoxo Dana


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