5 Ways To Create Rituals That Empower Your Life Every Day

Apr 7, 2016 | Prosperity

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Rituals are those things you do absolutely every single day, or regularly, to commemorate a day, a week…astrological happenings or holidays…  They’re habits, ceremony, devotion. For some, daily rituals like running or yoga or meditation (or all of the above) create a lot of order in a chaotic life. For others, their rituals are spiritual and ethereal, exercises in surrender.

You can fashion rituals that keep your life grounded and growing and filled with love that you generate every single day.

Rituals are a form of major empowerment. You create them, you can adjust them, you can feel it when you abandon them and you can feel the life rush back into your life when you return to them.

Do you have rituals that bring power to your life? 

Do you have an impossible time sticking to the rituals that bring you power…? 

This is a day for empowering rituals to rise to the surface of life and make things shine.  

It doesn’t have to be a New Moon to make a fresh start!    Every single day is a day to make fresh starts, but I really like this “ceremonial” ritual so I’m sharing it to kick off these thoughts on rituals.

new moon manifestation

Very simple ritual. You can do it every single day. It’s a beautiful way to stay focused on what you want to create. When you do this, you sort of filter out the temptations, become stronger where you have weakness and you place your energy where you want it to go.

Rituals are easiest to make when you feel grounded. It’s very hard to know what will empower you when you feel spaced out, exhausted or overwhelmed. Before you start creating new rituals, calm down. Despite our cultural obsession with being “super-busy” and “so insane” with pressure as a (false) hallmark of success, being frantic will not bring you to the best things for you.

If you can’t stick to your rituals, ask yourself if you actually love them or feel obligated to them. If you’ve read or been told that you “need” to do certain things – from exercise routines to prayers- and you don’t connect to them, you’ll be forcing yourself. Forcing doesn’t work. It’s like every time I tried to find a yoga class that I could attend in LA because I was told I needed to go to classes by people I admire… but I couldn’t do it without feeling like I wasted a whole day getting there, hoping for a spot and then getting home in a crowd. Total misery for me. Doing yoga at home or with friends in classes that were much simpler to navigate… yes! So awesome! Not only is it miserable to force things, it also creates lots of mental tension, stress hormones and more. Stop forcing and find a new ritual you do like… or make a ritual work better for you and your life.

Rituals don’t have to be elaborate to work well. There’s a lot of self-sabotage built into trying to change your whole life at once. There’s a lot of self-sabotage in creating elaborate rituals to be “perfect” or more “cutting edge.”

If you’re rituals get interrupted, don’t be hard on yourself… just start again.

But… If you’ve abandoned rituals to the point where you’ve spiraled away from feeling grounded and empowered, start by clearing space.   When you let go of the rituals that keep you strong, you might find yourself feeling a little (or a lot) lost. That’s OK. In those “lost” moments you’re more vulnerable (in the not-positive way) to letting in unhealthy energy, bad habits resurface to fill the space where these strength-building rituals once lived… And you might have some house cleaning to do in every way.

Clear out your house. Clean your space of negative influences. The more ruthless (in a good way) you are in clearing the negativity from your life, the easier it will be for you to soar.

Then pick up your rituals, revamp them, revive them, and use them to power up your life.  It’s all bliss, all greatness, all energy, all magnetism… Those rituals can help you stay safe, they can keep you centered in daily storms, they can flood your life with inspiration and shine light in gloominess.

Designing your dream life is a day-by-day exercise that should be empowering every single day. Creating rituals that support you is a big way to keep growing, prospering and shining… so start a ritual, revamp a ritual or recommit to a ritual that’s made you feel more fantastic. It’s the perfect day to do it!

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana


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