Feng Shui To Stay Centered In Your Own Personal Power In A Balanced Way

Apr 9, 2016 | Sensory Goodness, Uncategorized

3rd chakra feng shui


If  you’re typically pretty “together” as a person but you’ve been knocked for a loop in life, you’ve likely experienced what happens when your core/center/ aka: third chakra is out of whack.

If you’ve grown accustomed to a sense of powerlessness or feeling “ungrounded” or constantly looking for answers or advice outside of yourself where you should really feel it inside… Or you’re addicted to things… or even addicted to people… It all points to “losing your center.”

It’s almost like an empty feeling that we’re compelled to fill with just about anything to create a sense of gravity and fullness.   The most decadent and clearly self-punishing food, drinking, drama, noise…

Instead of loading up your life with more imbalance, you can try to clear the negativity and habit and  stagnation from your core and fill it, instead, with confident action, love and decisiveness.

  • All of the golden & vibey sensory tips above are a great place to start.
  • Breathing deep into your belly is the simplest of all… just a few breaths are instantly energizing!
  • Therapy for trauma and support groups for healing and recovering autonomy are a powerful energy-cleanser and fresh-habit-building action.
  • Gathering up lots of positive energy- from plants to crystals to people- and keeping that core of stablity and energy around you everywhere will keep you lifted up.
  • And practice.  We don’t give away our power, fall off balance and sink into spirals overnight.  They’re learned patterns.  And every learned pattern takes practice to replace with fresh and new.

You can also clear lots of negativity from the air around you.

Some holistic ideas can inspire even more clear space where you can regain your power in a positive way.

Stay close to your center, live more from your truth and even through the crazy days, wild events and unexpected surprises, nothing will take your power away, ever again.

xoxo Dana

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