Are You Feeling Your Way To The Things That Are Right For You?

Apr 13, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

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Today started in the office of a radical healer and life coach who is masterful in re-outfitting the subconscious mind with powerful new beliefs.

I know, that is a very wild, far-out statement.  But I’ve seen her work wonders with friends and I was more than curious about her methodology.

I had experienced a strange life detour where I stopped following my instincts and started trying to “think” my way to rational reasons for things that I didn’t like that were happening in my own life… and because I fell so far from my own intuition… I started to see that, perhaps, there were some signals I was missing.

As my morning healer talked to me and explained the Subconscious mind, she pointed to her stomach.

I stopped her at one point and said… “You know, you keep doing that… Are you saying that your gut feelings are actually a subconscious thing?”

Meaning: we aren’t consciously aware that we’re computing things and they rise to the surface as a weird vibe or a bad feeling…

And she said: YES.  Loads of actual science supports this.

We need to trust our gut even if we don’t fully understand logically why… And if you’re coming up against the same blocks and making the same mistakes, you might need to clear soome space in your mind and life so you can tap in far more easily…!

Today, let’s get really in tune with intuitive hits of our own genius. roses

In her article on Psychology Today, The Science Behind Intuition, Kelly Turner explains how her studies of raducal remission cancer survivors all were led by their intuition to heal.  While I’m not here to cmment on the medicine or biology behind that, I am fascinated by this intuitive truth.  She explains several studies that support the very real way that feeling tends to be more right than “data”.

“Finally, other studies have found that, when it comes to making major life decisions, such as which house to buy or which person to marry, trusting your intuition leads to better outcomes than trusting your logical, thinking brain. In one such study, car buyers who had plenty of time to pour over all of the information about their various car choices were later found to be satisfied with their purchase only 25% of the time. Meanwhile, those buyers who made a quick, intuitive decision about their car purchase were found to be satisfied with their purchase 60% of the time.”

This explains why for the first time ever I insisted on a white car (pearl colored, actually) that I saw in the giant car lot full of colors and instantly wanted, despite the rampant protests of the car dealer that I should look at other colors. I mean, I was instantly (against all “it gets dirty so fast” wisdom) sold and couldn’t be swayed.

It also explains the moments when I knew I was in a bad situation and chose to ignore how I felt… and instead leaned on “rationalization” to stay in a bad situation.

Are you feeling your way to the right things? 

Did you skip over feelings that brought you to a place you know you shouldn’t be right now? 

And, more importantly, when you’ve gone down the wrong road and you feel like you can’t trust yurself, how do you get back to your center and your great gut instincts? 

Here are some great ideas and great research about trusting your instincts that can help you feel solid in your “gut feelings”:

If you’re skilled in some way, trust your gut when making decisions in your areas of expertise. 

Jonah Lehrer explains in the Care2 article 5 Gut Instincts You Shouldn’t Ignore that when you know how to do something well, you should go with your gut.

“Once you’ve developed expertise in a particular area — once you’ve made the requisite mistakes — it’s important to trust your emotions when making decisions in that domain,” Lehrer insists. If you know you can do it, trust your gut — not your head.

Are you just afraid even though it’s a good decision… or are you picking up a vibe that it’s not a good thing for you?

I know I’ve gotten confused when making decisions in times of big risk-taking, not sure if it was actual fear that I was feeling… or if it was a sense that my intuition was screaming “NO” at me.  THIS video from Marie Forleo is a good one to create a valuable, meaningful distinction. 

Are you feeling disconnected from your instincts? 

Getting grounded and organized is the ultimate feng shui intuition builder.  Your whole environment will soar as you bring more clear space into your life with more and more clutter-clearing.  Communion with Nature is the ultimate in getting grounded.

To try an exercise right now to get into your intuitive being, Martha Beck offers an awesomely simple way to recall and come to listen to your instincts in this Huffington Post article, How To Listen to Your Instincts:

“If you’re having trouble tapping into your instincts, I’d love for you to try something. Recall a positive situation from your past or a person who’s proven to be a positive presence in your life. Now recall moments when you realized you were doing the right thing at the right time, or moments when you felt love and trust for the person you’ve identified. Think about the sensations you felt—did you smile, relax your shoulders, feel a warm glow in your solar plexus?

Now think about a negative situation from your past or about someone who’s been an unpleasant force in your life. Recall the moments when you knew this situation or person was wrong for you. Did your stomach lurch? Did your heart race?”

We all feel things in different ways.  It’s the wildness of our individual natures and experiences and perceptions. Once you know how you feel when things are wrong and when thy are right you can consider yourself well on the way to mastering your own intuition.

I keep thinking about the actual image of my morning healer pointing to her stomach and I feel compelled toward even more calm, more green tea, more rest and more nutrition than ever.   And that’s an intuitive hit that feels super-right.

Are you ready to follow more of how you feel?

xoxo Dana




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