Falling In Love With The Tulip Table That Works Just About Anywhere!

Apr 18, 2016 | Home Style

tulip table

(desire to inspire)

I’ve been having quire persistent thoughts that it’s time to donate my giant vintage dining room table to Goodwill along with the rug beneath it… and replace it with a silk overdyed punch-colored rug and… a vintage tulip table!

Whether marble-topped, wood-topped, pure classic white… a designer original or an Ikea knockoff (yes there is such a thing!) … the tulip table is an almost-always-perfect dseign move, especially when it’s placed in classical settings as a refreshing sculptural piece of wonder! 

tulip table

(apartment therapy)

I’ve been toying with the idea of keeping my cane chairs to circle around the table…

tulip table

(the design files)

A faux hide rug is an alternative to the overdyed carpet, for sure…. but I’ll get myself a metallic one if I go that route…  I want way more fresh and stunning.  I’m growing tired of subtle, especially in my office. tulip table(via poppytalk: Photography — Montse Garriga Grau | Stylyng —Bea Aparicio for Living Etc.)

Here’s some real vintage for you- those custom upholstered tulip chairs are the best.

create & cultivate offices via glitter guide (glitter guide create & cultivate office)

Though, look at the sleek softness of an oval tultip table.  They’re easy to find online, and I particularly love oval tables with marble tops…

cococozy brooklyn brownstone


Just look at the artful simplicity.

Circles create a sense of equality, cooperation… there are no sharp edges, no controversy…  and so much sleek glamour.  These tables are an amazing way to lighten up a far-too-heavy dining room, kitchen or even to create a seating area off of a living room in an open floorplan… or light up a big foyer… or… just to admire…anywhere!

Off I go to search for more… ! xoxo Dana


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