Do You Feel Stuck In Life In Some Way You Can’t Quite Figure Out?

Apr 19, 2016 | Prosperity


I’ve lived this crazy feeling for so long— feeling blocked by some invisible forces that I could never quite explain.

Consciously, my beliefs are so clear to me that it’s stunning.  I know what I’m all about, consciously.

Chances are, you do, too.

You know what you like and don’t like, you know that possibilities are endless, you know that you have so many abilities, you know you can think positively and work toward the things you want…

But, despite all I can say and know consciously, something was holding me down like weights on my ankles. Something would kick in and steer me away from the things I said I wanted when they’d arrive. Something would make me move slower when I said I wanted to move faster.

You know, that same something that makes the healthier diet start tomorrow, the exercise program sort of fall flat, the creative project never take flight…

If you want to know what that something is… you can look to your life to show you.   Everything that’s in your mind is reflected in your life. Your beliefs- even the deepest, most subconscious- unfold in your universe all around you.  

what do you expect

We all have core beliefs about ourselves, others, our abilities and life in general. The most vast and slippery and hard-to-pin-down beliefs are the ones that are subconscious. According to many doctors and experts and studies, it’s the subconscious mind that’s really in the drivers’s seat for a lot of life— up to 99% of the time!!! Whenever you aren’t fully “present” (awake, engaged in the moment completely) the subconscious is running things with very clear programs we’ve sucked up early in life that play like records through our lives.

Those patterns you’ve seen repeat themselves in life? That’s subconscious.

The self-sabotage that baffles you and makes you feel like you don’t have enough willpower or luck? That’s subconscious.

Deeply and completely take responsibility for writing a new chapter of your life and that subconscious will have new grooves etched in that support your wellbeing.

  1. bypass the old beliefs
  2. add new beliefs to the subconscious and integrate them into your life.
  3. follow with thoughts, words and actions that build a new paradigm of cause & effect.

So… let’s start with a question:

Where do you find yourself spinning your wheels and constantly sliding into behavior and situations you don’t want?

1.Be super-present wherever in life you’re apt to sort of wipe out. For some people, it’s vital to be extremely present in relationships to bypass old habits that are subconscious. Some people need to be dramatically present at work so as to not slide into automatic (and unimpressive) behavior. I know someone who was having a really incredible time enjoying sobriety until sleepless days with not enough food and exercise (all vital to stay present!) piled up and a torrent of unconscious behaviors – and addiction- became unmanageably present.

Presence is a practice.

home energy makeover

How to be more present? Some ideas to start are very simple- sleep well, eat, exercise…. Try to avoid negative environments filled with destructive people. We are all more apt to show up where we feel safe and vibrant and thriving, so keep the energy in your space really high!

2. How to add new beliefs to the subconscious and integrate them into your life?

My not-so-secret-secret to add new beliefs to my own life is super-immersion for at least a month. When I want to make a change, I swim in it. If I’m working on a project, there are piles of books everywhere… I watch films and podcasts about it, talk about it… explore the ideas for myself…

One of the most “reinforcing” ways to root out old beliefs and add new beliefs is TAPPING or EFT.  It’s super easy to learn and you can do it in minutes…!

3. Live it! Infuse your home with symbols of your goals, values and gratitude present everywhere you look. Keep a journal to stay mindful of your actions as you’re making changes. Fill up your life with the actions that support your new ideas… and as you practice, practice and practice them, things will expand.

There are all kinds of awesome tools to eliminate the negative charge and stored fear of life’s traumas, so many ways to change mental programming and break through blocks. The simplest ways are usually the most powerful: getting present, start infusing life with new beliefs and living them every day. Then you can get fancy with healing modalities and mind technologies (!) … but deciding to move through life with the simplest of this practice is quite stunning.

Here’s to living in harmony and without limitations…! xoxo Dana

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