Nature Powered Design Ideas To Mix Into Your Own Peaceful Sanctuary

Apr 25, 2016 | Home Style

gorgeous decor from my scandanavian home

(my scandanavian home)

I can’t say enough about the power of nature.

In the past months alone so much science is pouring into the world to support every heartbeat of the truth I’ve always felt- trees are wise, connection to Nature brings us life-force, we are cellularly linked to plants and crystals in our geometric structure on the tiniest atomic level, we heal faster with nature, we are calmer with nature, being grounded is the key to being calm and mindful…

And… the list flows on and on.

Of course, the feng shui of it all means that more and more nature should flood your home to bring you lots of empowered, calm, peaceful sanctuary vibes.

This inspiration- from branches to decorate to dyes made with skins and peels of produce and more- will open the door to more ways you, too, can harness Earth power at home! 

design with nature


Simple stuff like lots of wood gets amplified with furry throws, leafy grens and lots of organic texture.

nature design

(via domain)

While all of this- including the linens that are super chic- is radiant in nature, I love the use of a tree branch as a hanger!

lavender wreath


Never underestimate the power of an herbal wreath. For centuries they’ve been used to protect homes and welcome in the good vibes.

bohemian home plants inspiration


Another take on nature- a little disco boho for the day. These indoor palms are awesome to clear the air.

natural dyes

(via grist)

Grist has the besttttt tutorial on dying fabrics naturally that I’ve ever seen online. My own fabric dying adventures are so profound I can’t recommend this highly enough for curtains, tablecloths… just so gorgeous.

nature decor(get it here) 

And these framed botanicals are chillingly eye-catching: frozen nature always on display, floating somewhat mystically in glass.

Any way you can fold in more nature, I encourage it so highly as it’s so vital to our own nature… and so gorgeous to see all day!

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana


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