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Apr 25, 2016 | Prosperity


Living in love, living with more love, the energy dynamics of love… and even the magnetic fields of your heart… all are the concepts that pervade much of modern wisdom about conscious living and loving and wellness.

But it feels a bit flimsy to some who are used to thinking, being rational and trusting science over fluffy ideas like “our hearts communicate with one another.”

Even the radically conscious people I know who are dedicating their lives to healing arts and spiritual development have a hard time with some of the more love-centric concepts of gurus and sages.

Until now.

HeartMath is proving that there is scientifically validated truth to the notions of living with love, following your heart and the notion of our total connection to one another. These are all measurable facts!

HearthMath is all about linking your mind and your heart. It’s all about leading with connection and opening up to a realm of superpowered living that can only be achieved when we make this profound and natural connection to LOVE.

If you’re looking for more ease, love, synchronicity, flow and intuitive guidance, HeartMath will blow you away! 

The HeartMath Institute is a non-profit research based organization that studies emotional physiology, neurocardiology and biophysics. The aim of their research, in collaboration with universities and other research institutes, is to advance and further the knowledge of the heart brain interaction, heart-rate variability and heart-rhythm coherence. The overall goal of the Institute is to connect the heart and mind to, …”empower people to greatly reduce stress, build resilience, and unlock their natural intuitive guide to make better choices.” The HeartMath Institute has studied heart-brain communication and how this can influence our perceptions, emotions, intuition, and overall health.

Their current and ongoing research includes topics that are beyond what we are used to hearing from any sort of scientific field, exploring topics that were once the property of the New Age community. Now, it’s all becoming measured science!


Energetic Communication Between People

This is the study of cardioelectromagnetic communication, which is the study of how electromagnetic fields, produced by the heart are involved in electromagnetic communication. Every cell in our body has an electromagnetic field that fluctuates, and these fluctuations can effect our biological system. Using an electrocardiogram (ECG) it has been detected that the magnetic field generated by the heart, is more than 100 times greater than the field created by the brain, and its presence can be detected more than 3 feet away from the body.

They have found that information about our emotional state is encoded in our heart’s magnetic field and is then transmitted to our external environment. They have conducted studies to show that our emotions affect the heart’s magnetic field and this can, in turn, affect individuals around us.

Yes… you can feel how people are feeling! And people can feel how you are feeling!

Interaction and communication between individuals was once thought to be a very external process, demonstrated in our facial expressions, body language and tone of voice. But, this research now suggests that electromagnetic communication operates below our level of consciousness, and can thus explain our natural “attractions” or dislikes between people.

Their studies also show that heart-rate can be synchronized under specific conditions, such as sleep and collective rituals between active participants and friends and relatives of those participants.  So, when you are close to people you really can be “in synch” with them. 


The Human-Earth Connection

The HeartMath Institute is currently using heart rate variability to determine how the Earth and Sun’s magnetic field affects the human nervous system. So far, they found that when the Earth and Sun’s energetic measures increased, participant’s mental clarity increased and exhibited, “feeling better”. They also found indications that humans are linked together by signals in the Earth’s magnetic field. (!!!) Mother Earth is really Mother Earth!  (You can read more of this research HERE) 


Their Research on Trees Is Wild

I’ve always said that trees have their own wisdom, and apparently this is very true. Their current research on trees includes developing methods and instruments to measure tree potentials. Trees have electrical activity and rhythms, circadian rhythms that are associated with gravitational pull of the moon and sun.

The Institute will also be conducting research to test if and the mechanism by which, trees respond to human emotion.

Researches at NASA have found that rocks deep within Earth become stressed and act like batteries under tectonic plate pressure. This theory shows how these rocks might be the cause of the response in increased electrical activity of trees, before an earthquake occurs. Further research will be done, to see if trees can be used to detect and predict when earthquakes are about to come.  You can find more of the HeartMath tree research HERE. 

So, with all this wild connection between our brain and heart, between the hearts of ourselves and others as well as between all of us and the Earth itself, the implications are so fantastic and stunning.

My simple take-aways from learning about HeartMath in greater depth reinforce all the nature-wisdom and living-with-love philosophy that I’ve talked about for so long. It’s thrilling!!!

  • Emotions are truly contagious- and this HeartMath research puts a spotlight on this in a profound way. If you can move away from toxic relationships and environments you’ll be able to generate more positive connections.
  • Nature is something to layer into your life. More trees, more sand, more plants, more organic fabrics and more earth-borne materials.
  • Living with more of an open-heart connected to your brain can be the most powerful switch your can make in your daily life.   One simple exercise I learned is to put one hand on my forehead and one on my heart and just breathe for a few minutes until I feel them “in synch.”

To take it to the next level of HeartMath, Howard Martin shares a super-simple exercise in this brief interview that can help you connect to this connected state of heart and mind right now:

This is the real beauty of following your heart in a way that is profound… and living it more and more is totally spectacular.

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana



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