Feng Shui To Tap Into Your Intuitive Power!

Apr 27, 2016 | Creativity

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Feng Shui can help you to tap into your intuitive power.

I’m always a big fan of intuition.  Next level, tapped in, wildly-unlimited intuition.

That’s not a mental process, per say.

In fact, science has proven that to do things like create great art, it’s vital to bypass or shut down certain mental processes to open up to the mysterious flow of art-electricity.  Scarily enough, it’s why many great artists have been prone to great substance abuse problems in my mind- it’s an artificial way to shut down the mind and open up to this creative wildness.  Unfortunately, it’s also a down-spiral into oblivion, an invitation to mental, physical and spiritual breakdowns and not at all worth the sacrifice of self for art.

All that said, it’s not a “mental skill” to make great art or live intuitively. It’s an energetic state of being.  Think too hard and you’ll get stuck.

We tend to rely on our mind a lot in life, but it’s a limited thing when you’re trying to tap into genius, to open up to art electricity or get really intuitively tuned in.

Think about it: our conscious “mind” only really knows what it’s experienced and processed and the subconscious “mind” seems to know all kinds of statements absorbed from life as commands that run on their own. Both are limited.

And, while there is definitely such thing as a “gut feeling” (and a whole secondary “brain” in the gut itself!) that guides us all, when you’re feeling off-center and really need your intuition the most, it seems it can be the hardest to tap into.

So, if you need to tap into your intuitive power truth to find your way through situations and come up with answers and tap into your own genius… these hard-won ideas may help you to move beyond your mind and into a more unlimited field of intuition.

Strengthen your balance in Nature

Walks help abundantly.  Plants and trees are brilliant to help feel more rooted in the ground.  THESE ideas to strengthen your root chakra energy in your life can be of service if they leap out at you.  Do yoga if it calls to you, or surf, swim… whatever gives you the sense that you’re in Oneness with nature and feeling really rooted to the ground is what will be right for you.

Practice following how you feel. 

It’s really important to get grounded before you start tapping in to how you feel because all the stuff standing in the way can spin your in confusion.  OMG I have really skipped this way too many times to not include it here.

When I have big decisions to make and I’m off balance I take time to sit in a salt sauna at the very least or walk with my dog or sleep or — all of the above- and then move forward.

That ancient-seeming wisdom about not making decisions when you’re angry or tired or hungry is good stuff.

Start simple and ask yourself what you feel like eating that will make you feel good.  Or what you feel like wearing.  Simple things.  Then go bigger.

Contact spirit.

When I’m thinking too much, I remember what a very wise and accomplished Buddhist friend told me when I was thinking myself into a corner and having a very dark time of it…”Stop using your mind and start practicing Buddhism.”

You know when I need my intuition on a high because I’ve effectually vanished from life and stationed myself at my Buddhist temple far beyond the hours of my regular practice.  And from there, it all works out.

The same can apply to prayer, meditation, exercise, yoga, writing… what opens you up in practice to a feeling of spirit is far more effective than thinking yourself into a corner.

Use sleep to solve things.

A great way to access intuition is to use sleep as a problem solving tool.  It’s a part of the Silva method and you can learn more about it HERE. 

Make the best use of the morning.  

In the morning after good sleep you’re most likely to be in a state of creative openness.  Use this time to do writing, painting, problem solving or whatever you want to do more intuitively.  Waking up early and taking advantage of this time before the stuff of the day comes in can be an expansive habit in itself!

So, if you find yourself painted into a corner of – “What do I do?” – and you’re unable to find the answer that feels right, try making you feel right first, and opening up to the collective energy that is around us all.

Just so you know, everything from telepathy to ESP to auras of energy around us all to the fact that we are made up of mostly completely empty space has been proven in many very big, well-funded, highly-prized laboratories of science around the world, so this isn’t a far-out idea…. at least not any more.  It’s real.

We can really access a web of information and intuition far more unlimited and far more “right for us” than anything our hard-thinking and sometimes-spinning mind can access.

Let yourself have that power, ease, access and truth.  You’ll start following what you feel and you’ll likely never want to turn back…!

xoxo Dana

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