Do You Believe In Yourself And Your Dreams?

Apr 29, 2016 | Creativity

believe in yourself

Do you believe in yourself? 

Do you believe you can be/do/ have whatever you want and need to in life? 

I came to the stunning conclusion while reading Jason Wachob’s new book “Wellth” that a lot of what doesn’t happen or hasn’t happened for me, for friends, for clients… all stemmed from one simple thing: not truly feeling (viscerally feeling) that whatever it is was actually possible.

It’s one thing to say… ” I want… ” Or “I need…” or to repeat it as an affirmation.

You might even be in the “doing” of stuff… actually dating like mad to find your “soulmate”, applying like crazy for your dream jobs, making your art that you dream of seeing in galleries…

But if you don’t believe in the soulmate, the dream job, the art worthy and able to make it to galleries… how could it come?

I went on my own “belief quest” of 2016, researching the most cutting edge science in how we believe things on a brain level, demon-hunting trauma and all kinds of elusive blocks in life with EFT (Tapping) and advanced therapy, wildly cracking my own codes of limiting beliefs with brain-rewiring modalities that are insanely cool… And out of all this, I came to one big conclusion…and it’s revolutionized my life.  

be yourself

You are what you do. And you can do things every day to believe in yourself & your dreams so much more.

This is, in a nutshell, what crated a seismic shift in people who made big huge changes that were sustained and grew and flourished…

Feel what you need and want deeply as possible and real.  


Practice, practice, practice.  

What you practice every day is what your brain will believe and what you’ll become. No matter what you believe, you have to practice those beliefs. It’s not abstract. It’s not deeply complex.

According to theory as well as study of the subconscious mind, about 95% of the average day, our sub-conscious beliefs are running the show. So, your friend who seems luckier than you, the people who seem to have easier lives, the super athletes you know… they likely, in part, have different “subconscious” programming than you.

That’s fine. Because you can always create new beliefs.

Belief is a powerful thing. And those deep-down beliefs are tricky because they can be conflicting and weird. Example: ME. Someone who loves herself so much, I say it all the time and mean it, yet… I had uncovered in all the before mentioned therapies how much I didn’t love myself and how much I didn’t feel worthy of good things.  (!!!!)   And that was a shocking reveal. It made sense in a very resonant way. It prompted me to make new choices, to switch up my routines and to love me really newly in action every day, all day.

This TEDx Talk pretty much sums up the life-giving force that is “belief in yourself.”

Self-Love. In Action. IT WORKS.

Feel what you need and want deeply. Meaning: don’t just write out a goal… but feel what you want. See it. Hear it.
Taste it. Touch it. Smell the air as you’re experiencing it in your mind. Where does it resonate in your body? What does it feel like? Does it have a texture? A color? Let it all sink in and let yourself experience it fully. If you do this well, you don’t have to keep repeating it… you just have to move on and… then…

Practice, practice, practice.  People who decide to radically change their lives didn’t erase the negative patterns from their brains, they just created deeper neural pathways by practicing the new more than the old. Practice what you want.
Practice the self-loving actions.

If practice makes things stronger in your brain and your life, it’s worth it to tune in throughout the day and listen to some of the thoughts you practice. Shift away from the daydreams that are not productive. For example… if you think “less than loving” thoughts about people who hurt you, you perpetuate the hurt… And… if you think about self-denial or other unkind words about yourself, that negative imagination is pulling together all kinds of force…

And…of course…  let your environment help you to shine.  I’m sitting with frankincense oil on the soles of my feet with sunlight streaming in as I type these thoughts today.
There’s a faint sound of wind chimes. My dog is in a blanket ball.
Everything I see, hear, feel and touch from where I sit excites me tremendously. This is simple, and you don’t need to know any rules of feng shui to have it apply to you.

Feel it… practice it.. live in it…

You deserve it. So much.

xoxo Dana

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