Why You Might Want To Add More Wildness To Your Life!

May 1, 2016 | Creativity

colorized succulents

Bob (my dog) and I play a game together when we go for walks every day.  We take new roads, literally following his little nose, and look for wild things.

There’s not enough wildness in the city, but we find these wild patches of succulents, wild birds that somehow made it into the city (like a giant crow, a hge owl) and wild flowers sort of bursting from the cement pavement.  It’s not elaborately wild, but it’s something fun to find.

I just finished reading a book I didn’t know would change my perspective as much as it has.  “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World” by Martha Beck.  I’d somewhat accidentally purchased it a way long time ago it seems, as I admire her writing but I was looking for books on history at the time.  Somehow I clicked in my Amazon searches, it arrived, it lingered because I didn’t really know what it was about… and I finally pulled it off the shelf.

Who knew she spent so much time in the wilds of Africa?! Who knew she was so clued into the paths of ancient magic?!  Who knew I would read this whole book in three days, stopping only once because I wanted to prove that I could indeed bend metal with my mind (I have a fork beside me, I am still working on that one) as she had done.

I’m not going to ruin your experience of this book that I hope you buy, but I am going to share today one of the themes of my own life that’s been a huge shift, something echoed profoundly in this book, something that pulled me in so deeply.


we are all one


We’re all one. 

When I practice Buddhism, the idea is that we are all many in body and one in mind.  It’s a giant concept and one I resistedfor years because… “I’m not a group person… He did this to me… She’s so rude… I can’t believe how wrong that was… That person drains my energy…” and so many more complaints and absolute negations of this very simple and giant concept.

They’s all pop up the moment I’d say “We are all one.”

Try it.

Think to yourself: “We are all one.”  Maybe even say it out loud a few times.

Now scan through all the people who have done wrong by you and see if you can see that we are all one.  All connected.  All a collective.  All on the same human team.

Pretty tough sometimes.

But: It’s colossal.

Spoons can bend.  So can fixed ideas.  

When you can sink into this ONENESS idea, things fall away that we once accepted as “reality” in a hard, cold sense.  It’s the trick, apparently, to menting metal easily.  When you become “one” with the fork or spoon or metal rod, it’s meant to melt.

I get it.  It’s illusions. People use fake spoons.  It’s just a magic trick.

But then, there are the people who do this.  Martha Beck herself said she did this, over and over again.

I haven’t yet… but yet is my key word here.  I’m not going to give up!

But ONENESS here, today,  isn’t about bending spoons, but, rather, bending fixed ideas of reality.

We all have them.  We all have ways we expect things to go, routines we are “used to” following, fixed notions about how things “should be” and often limited notions about what is possible.

In ONENESS, you can see beyond a lot of the stuff that was once fixed.

In Martha Beck’s book, spending time in the true wilds of Africa on Safari opened up life to ONENESS.  But there are the ways in a city, in your own yard, in your home, that you can tap into this wildness.

Wild stuff.  Growing wild.  I actually grow trays of micro greens and zone out watching them grow for ten or fifteen minutes a day sometimes and totally geek out in a space where I have no words and sware I see them stretching before my eyes toward the sun.  Same for growing a potted vegetable garden or a bunch of wild, vining plants that find their way around your house.

Wild stuff like making art with abandon, unstructured.  Playing music in a fluid non-structured way. Finger painting.  Dancing around.  Improvizational writing.  All wild.  No rules.  No specific forms. No goals but making.

Wild stuff like finding untapped Nature around you and getting lost even for a few minutes in unpaved trails, off beaten paths…

Wild stuff even like meditation without a “script” or a guide.

All of it is simple.  All of it can help you get into a space where you’ll shockingly feel more connected to reality in an instant.  The wild puts you in such presence that you can’t possibly have worries.  The wild shows us all how deeply we’re in communication when we’re not speaking.  The wild breaks rules and conventions and gets us in synch with the Earth.  That brilliant Oneness place shows us how much farther we can go as a team than as single beings.

When I get to that place in all sorts of wild ways now and you ask me to sit down and contemplate the fact that we are all one…. I will say yes without hesitation.

You can’t hold onto hurt in a state of Oneness.  Or anger, spite, jealousy, lack…  It’s a place where it feels like only love can really thrive, because it’s a place that trancends the words we use to express all sorts of issues and problems.

Try a little more wild.  However it grabs you, let there be some wildness.  Even just some unstructured time in your super-busy day. Let yourself get lost in it.  Now, see how much you feel seperate, alone, stuck or upset.

Wild is beautiful. Just like the fact that we’re all stardust and light and space.

Wishing you loads of magic.

xoxo Dana

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