5 Ways To Make Your Own Dreams-Come-True Creative Magic Today!

May 2, 2016 | Creativity

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Magic-Making 101 for the day is all about shifting into a space where magic is allowed, welcomed and much more usual than unusual. 

Here are some of the big ideas that have thrwarted the best attempts I’ve seen to make big art, big life changes and big prosperity happen… and they’re surprisingly easy to unravel, even if they take some time to accomplish.

A gorgeous life is worth the time, care and patience.

The decision to have a life that you create is the most powerful decision there is.  As Julia Cameron says, “I have learned, as a rule of thumb, never to ask whether you can do something. Say, instead, that you are doing it. Then fasten your seat belt. The most remarkable things follow.”

Ready to make more magic?

we create the reality we live in

Some fresh perspective can turn things that are “just the way they are” into “just the way you’ve dreamt things can be.”

Even “healthy habits” aren’t always the right “healthy”  habits.  What you’ve been doing as a habit is not necessarily serving you if you’re not getting creative results.  Just because it’s a great thing to go to the gym, and you may even like it, if it’s not giving you the results you want… it’s maybe not the right creative thing. I used to covet my time barely breaking a sweat reading magazines on a stationary bike for an hour.  I never saw a single “strength” change or any change for the 6 hours or more a week I sunk into my “gym time.” Then I’d get frustrated, annoyed with no changes at all and stop exercising all together.

Just because it’s good for you doesn’t mean it’s right for you.  There are loads of good things, and your good things aren’t necessarily mine.  Too often I see people overload themselves with the things they’ve been told are the “right” things to do to be healthier, happier, even more successful and productive and they just feel like robots moving through mechanical steps.

Are your healthy habits lighting you up? Do you look forward to them? Can you change them up so that you won’t sideline them or view them as dreaded obligations?

Faster isn’t a fast track.  The quick-fixes to inspiration are always often overrated.  I’ve known many people who sideline the slow build for the major overnight change and wind up flat on their face.  From “diet supplements” to smart drugs to hyper-caffiene to intensive workdays, the fast track that requires superhuman speed isn’t sustainable, and that’s a  big deal.  For every artist who needs to get drunk to make art, and for every person who has convinced themself that sleep is a luxury, there are lots of horror stories that point to the fact that this perhaps isn’t the best way to go.

If you’re trying to mad-rush and shortcut things… what are you speeding toward, exactly?

Loosen your grip on “Reality.”  It’s scary to let go of things that have defined who we are, far more scary than tossing out old clothes.

I’ve distanced myself over time from people who use words like , ” That’s not the way the world works…” or “The reality is… ”  Sages to scientists will tell you (and have told me) over and over again that we all live in a reality of our own.  The way you are reading this and the way someone beside you is reading this are totally different.  You’re experience is different.  How you see things is different.  What is beautful to you in different than what’s beautiful to me.

If you want really magical things to happen, you’re the architect of that new world and it’s worth being OK with the fact that your personal experience is totally unique.

Pulling yourself out of negative groups of people, down-spiraling relationships where your energy gets sucked away to no avail and any other versions of reality that aren’t feeling right creates a bubble of potential for you to create reality.  Every single day.

Learning is amazing. We only know what’s possible from what we’re willing to see as possible, you know?  Watch some videos of people who have defied “the odds” and you’ll get full-body tingles. It’s the magic of Ted Talks and googling wild outliers.  Read books about fresh discoveries in science, autobiographies and memoirs of extraordinary lives, scientific happenings and fresh ways to see the world.  Learn a new something every day and you’ll automatically always be growing.

Grief is great.  Everything you let go involves grief of some sort.  You can stuff the empty pit of grief full of sugar, partying,  bad TV or even green juice and vitamins… but avoiding grief is like avoiding life.

What you don’t grieve becomes depression and solid stuckness.  The tears, the trials and the sadness of letting go of stuff is part of the magic.  If you think you can “outsmart” grief, you’re likely to disconnect from life and find it harder and harder to connect again.  The endless stories of people who bury their brokenheartedness in a string of meaningless or rebound affairs running away from grief, the people who return to work ta few days after a major loss only to find that a year or two later, they’re in a deep depression… It’s common.  It’s easy to want to avoid empty, sad, tear-filed stuff…

If you’re not making reality happen in a way that excites you, check in and see if you’ve forgotten to grieve things that you’ve lost or left behind.  THIS incredible psychology about incomplete grief is beautiful stuff, albeit a little complex.  You can still create through the tears… and you’re more apt to be happier for the time you surrender to what’s not been surrendered.

There’s sooooo much to come this year on lighting up life and re-designing the universe in a way that reflects your biggest dreams and best self.   It’s endlessly exciting.  An idea can hit you like a lightneing bolt and you’ll see so much new possibility.  Flashes of the future can come to you in random moments and dare you to take them and run with them.  You might see stuckness you once thought was “just the way things are” and then cast it aside.

Every day, more light, more energy and more creative freedom are waiting for you to make them…!



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