Some Super- Inspiring Videos To Amp Up Your Naturally Glowing Wellness Routine!

May 2, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

nature mandala DIY from Motte

(these nature mandala DIY’s from Motte will get the beauty flowing at home!)

I’m a super-fan of You Tube. If you need to figure out how to do something, most anything, you can get started right now on You Tube. If you’ve ever found yourself in a lost-web of you Tube watching, I bet you emerged a bit wiser, or at the least, hopefully well-entertained.

I’m getting my head into the Summer project of You Tubing again in all kinds of new ways, as it used to be my weekly diary and way to connect more with all of you….and I miss it too much to not continue!!!

Now that it’s deeply Spring and after so much cleaning & purging I’m ready to get blonder, back to yoga and soooo inspired, I returned to my favorites.  I started looking to some killer YouTubers to get into some fresh new routines. All of these beauty, fitness and wellness Vloggers – and a wild card or two I love – are super-spectacular.  And the best part is: you can indulge right now in freshness, learning, idea gathering and DOING new things to glow much more… today…to start glowing more, inside & out!

Holistic Habits is a super-fun channel full of… holistic habits!  This natural hair care tutorial is amazing.

Fully Raw Kristina is an outlier of nutrition- fully and completely raw- which I don’t follow, but I do follow her to get ideas and great wisdom to add more raw and fresh into my diet.

Sona Gasparian is a beauty You Tuber with a really fresh no-makeup routine that’s super-simple and a great, truly “no-makeup” way to get out of the house in a flash feeling fresh.

Since my dear Tara Stiles and Strala are far away, I toss on You Tube all the time and practice the awesome long routines streaming online too!  It’s not just the

Marie Forleo’s MarieTV has some interviews that are so enduring… and purposeful… and meant to be actionable.  I was so easily drawn into Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book in a dazzling way (Big Magic, so fun) that I loved this one.

Lilou Mace has a wild compilation of interviews of some of the more profoundly interesting experts from around the world, from Bruce Lipton & Julia Cameron (!) to incredible healers, thinkers and so many perspectives on life & living… there’s always something engaging to find in her treasure trove of videos…!

My wildcard today is Brainwave Power Music.  I have NO IDEA if this stuff affects your brainwaves, but it’s what I turn on frequently when I need a dose of power and flow in the background of the day.

So… that’s what I’m into as I sip my afternoon green tea and get ready for an afternoon of writing… the brain music is on, the fruit is fresh, I’m braising my hair fast… and headed out to explore the neighborhood more & more.

Who are your favorite You Tubers? What would you want to see on my own channel?  This is all for you, so don’t hesitate to load me up with requests below!!!

xoxo Dana


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xoxo Dana


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