Do You Have Physical Stress In Your Environment That You Can’t See?

May 4, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

There are so many interesting theories about the way stresses enter life through your environment.  There’s also a lot of science to support the fact that stressful environments create incredible stress on life… even if it’s not immediately obvious.

With the intention to live with as much calm and balance and peace as possible (since that’s the energy that makes dreams come true, despite the hype of being an imbalance workaholic maniac) there are so many routes to explore stressors in life.

Today, we’re going to dive into an invisible form of stress.  Geopathic stress.  The environmental stress you may have no idea is happening, even if you feel the tension.  Small shifts to calm this type of stress can bring you volumes of bliss!

Staying Calm Is A Superpower

Every human-being is composed of energy, and every thing that surrounds us in our environment is energy as well.  Geopathic stress is the result of living or working for long periods of time where the earth’s rising radiation, or natural flow of energy is being disturbed by weak magnetic fields.  These disruptive fields are thought to be subterranean water currents, fault lines, mineral deposits, cable lines…

Geopathic stress can affect mood and health. There’s a wild 2006 study from Australia shows a correlation between suicide rate and geomagnetic activity right here, in the extreme, but in the day-to-day, what stresses your environment will also impinge upon you.

Kathe Bachler of Austria, conducted a research study over 14 countries where she “dowsed” or checked for harmful radiation in 3,000 homes and workplaces.  She then interviewed 11,000 people and found that all her 500 subjects with cancer were working or sleeping in an area with harmful radiation.

How do you test for geopathic stress?

It’s not a “science” but there are things to look for to start. If you live in an industrial area, very close to major power cords, on big fault lines or near a radioactive plant of any kind, it can’t hurt to shore up any areas in your home that feel stressful.

If you want to, you can even try dowsing.

Dowsing is term used to test for this harmful radiating energy, not necessarily “radiation” but stressful earth activities or environmental imbalances.

Dowsing with pendulums:

how to use a crystal pendulum

You can make a pendulum with a metal chain and a crystal which will hang off the chain. You simply calibrate your pendulum by simply asking it to show you, “what means yes?” and “what means no?” You can learn more about how to try this for yourself here. Next, walk around to different spots where you feel something might be “off” and ask the pendulum if that area has geopathic stress. The pendulum is not tuned into spirits, it’s tuned into your more subtle intuition and the energies around it.

Dowsing with a compass is also possible, but a bit more complicated…. because how many of us have a compass handy? If you do, you can try this:

Move the compass until the needle turns north.  Move it gently to the area you would like to test.  If the needle swings or alternates from north, it is an indicator of a geopathic stress area.

There are ways to protect against geopathic stress if you “dowse” that you have it, or you suspect that there’s something off, or you live over a fault line in the Earth or you have loads of electronic waves, cellphone towers or power transformers near your home.

1.  You can place a cork mat wherever you find a stress line, or where you feel there’s stress. Cork is great to absorb this stress. You can find cork panels pretty easily and fashion your own “mat” to create an extra layer of grounding protection.

2. You can purchase electronic cancellation devices here.  While I can’t vouch for the way that these work, I like to read lots of user reviews and research products because anecdotal evidence with these things is the most we can typically find.

3. You can use magnetic blankets to reduce stress and improve the sleep disturbances caused by geographical stress.    You can also purchase a negative magnet bed pad.  I have friends who sware by magnets, and the dogs have a magnetic pad they lay on from PetTherapeutics.

4. Spend more time in Nature, getting as grounded as possible, and add many more plants in and around your home.

There are never enough ways to create balance & grounded calm. Do what feels best. Let the sanctuary vibes rise up in your life!

xoxo Dana

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