5 Big Ways To Get Your Mind Off Of Things That Are Spinning You In Circles

May 7, 2016 | Prosperity

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“Get your mind off of it.” 

“Stop thinking about it.” 

“Just let it go.”

If you’ve been given this advice,  you know pretty well that toxic circles of mental confusion don’t just “go away” in a flash when a wise and well-meaning person tells you to stop thinking about it.  Our brains develop habits, and these habits are etched into our brain patterns.

That said, toxic thought patterns that spin you in circles- whether it’s the focus on a loss at work, feeling stuck in a failure, ruminating on a broken relationship or just generally unproductive loops of fear and anxiety- are very bad for your health and wealth as well as a waste of precious time.

There are hundreds of feng shui ways to detox your mind by detoxing your space and changing the energy around you. Fast and easy and empowering ways to switch your focus from your mind to your life can help you grow beyond these mental feedback loops and transform your life! 

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The great news about spinning thoughts is that they give us all a chance to make sense out of situations, learn lessons, see our own life-patterns and hopefully give us a chance to grow.

That said, once you’re truly done with the grieving, the learning and the growing, all the toxic cycles of thoughts that stick around and make every day into a mental exercise in circular confusion need to get phased out.

In Psychology Today’s article 15 Ways To Get Someone Out of Your Head, the dangers of toxic loops of thinking are very clear:

“In fact, studies show that a ruminating mind is an unhappy and unhealthy mind. When our monkey mind is unhappily fraught with replaying altercations, resentments or losses, we marinate in a cascade of harmful inflammatory stress chemicals and hormones linked to almost every disease we can name. Increasingly, scientists can pinpoint how ruminating plays a role in diseases including depression, cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune disease. The stress chemicals we wallow in are far worse for us than the thing that actually happened to bring them on in the first place.”

So, what do you do instead of thinking about something over and over again?

There are lots of ways you can use feng shui to stay out of the toxic thought loop. It’s all about actions. Actions and more actions.

Become HYPER productive. If you want to beat a bad thought loop, get things done. More and more production chases away the thoughts that linger in a loop. Crossing things off a to-do list will move you from the “effect” of your thoughts (IE: feeling stuck, feeling bad, feeling overwhelmed) into being the “cause” of your happiness. Even if you still find these thoughts popping up, you’re busy… and you’re moving forward despite those thoughts, and that’s super-empowering. Do, do, do, do, do!!!

Embrace housecleaning as a practice of joy. My Catalyst Camp members get a deep immersion in cleaning up like never before as a part of joy-making. Cleaning is a visceral way to transform your physical life while pulling negativity from your environment by the handfuls.  HERE are many compelling reasons to start cleaning. 

See a much better future for yourself. If you’re not creating a new future, you’re likely to get stuck in the losses, the missing, the backward thinking that can convince even the most positive people that the best times have already passed us by. See a better future. Revel in an hour of goal setting, wish making, daydreaming and visioning that future in every way possible.   Do it constantly if you have to, until you’ve broken out of the habit cycle.

Get a coach, a buddy or a group that supports your betterment. Find a place where people support one another in moving forward… not in spinning backward. Sometimes the best of friends indulge us in spinning backward to be supportive… but coaches & support groups don’t allow for that luxury. We’re not meant to conquer every challenge alone.   Whatever your spinning issues, there is likely a local group, an online community or a coach you can link up with to break these habits with support.
This will help you constantly direct and re-direct your energy toward positive ways to constantly grow.

Physical practice is incredible stuff. However you love to move… find new ways to do it. From local hikes to streaming yoga at home, going dancing to finding sports teams to play on… you’re likely to find some incredible power in physicality. Make sure your physical practice isn’t something that feels like a burden, or it will create more negative feedback loops in your mind that you don’t need or want! Having a simple, even 10 minute long, routine you can start when the thinking begins is a great way to move emotions and thoughts through and then out of your body in a positive way.

Keep the fresh energy flowing toward what makes you feel fantastic!

xoxo Dana

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