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May 11, 2016 | Creativity

worry is not helpful

A funny thing happened to me a long while back. I had no big worries. I was so happy. Then I met someone who seemed to worry very little. Then… suddenly… many immense- negative-spinning-persistent worries were revealed to me slowly and powerfully as themes that were dwelled upon daily. I’d hear about worries, I could feel them hanging in the air…

Suddenly, I had so many worries. And bad feelings. And spinning thoughts.

I couldn’t understand why I let someone else’s life affect me so much!

Have you ever had this happen?

And it turns out, this is, in part, a cellular biological reaction thing. We actually pick up on the broadcasts being sent out around us from people’s minds that are loaded with emotion. We also broadcast things that other people pick up on and react to every day.

All without even saying a word!

Don’t get me wrong: I help people daily with problems and have my own problems. We all talk about our stuff, but there’s a difference between constructively sorting out problems and making your worries into the heartbeat of your life.  There’s a vast difference between dwelling on drama and judgements and the isolated act of having an argument and settling it.

The kind of stuff that can spin the calmest mind into a tornado is the stuff that’s ruminating, festering, dwelling and coloring life in all sorts of endless turmoil.   When that happens… we go toxic. We become poison to others and we start creating drama all over the place, broadcasting it like a cellphone tower.

Color your own life with beauty and grace and lightness and you’re already on the drama-free path. But… there’s so much more… and it’s so interesting…

I’m reading so much about quantum entanglement these days and there’s been much “proof” offered by science that our brain will “entangle” with the brain of another. Literally, we can share consciousness. Take it a step further and there’s the fact that the brain “broadcasts” signals outside of the mind (this is not simple Law Of Attraction, this is actual brainwaves measured by instruments that are not attached to the head reading brainwave broadcasts) in rapid succession and we’re both affected by and affecting the space and people around us continuously, both consciously and unconsciously.

You’re essentially creating your life every single minute and then linking up with others in our world of connectivity to affect them as well.

So: to follow this line…your thoughts affect you profoundly and your thoughts affect others profoundly.

I knew it!!! I’ve always thought that people could feel my thoughts, and now I see that they can… even if not perfectly, they can, even it they’re not aware of it. Not only that, but I’ve always felt the effects of people’s thoughts about me. Super-profoundly.

To start living with less drama and worries, I had to pivot away from my own worry thoughts… and also… move some distance from people with bad vibes and endless, never-addressed issues that create universal, seemingly-endless drama.

pink crystals from sacra luna


I love beauty and peace. Pink. Ethereal. Sunshining. The best stuff, right?

I also tend to think the best about everyone….as much as I can.

But… then I meet people that give me pause. Or chills. Or horrible feelings.

I’m now aware that people in my space may actually have bad thoughts toward me…. or they may be so troubled that they’re broadcasting this into my life.

The bad vibes thing is a big one: I’ve been accused of being insecure (big one!), crazy, controlling and ridiculous… but every single time I’ve had this feeling about someone, it’s been revealed to be true and I’ve felt the negative effects long before the truth came out.

The easiest way to avoid this upset in life is the obvious: trust the bad vibes you feel from people and keep your distance. I’ve been pressured into thinking that I have to find the good in situations and stop discounting people… but every single time I’ve felt this bad vibe, I’ve been so right.

We entangle on a quantum level. We read energy all the time. We’re sending signals constantly from the energy of our thoughts.

When I was embroiled in a relationship full of secrets I became totally crazy-feeling as my partners mind went into an oblivion. It wasn’t an “emotional” reaction I was having to “rational problems” I was observing. In fact, on the surface, nothing seemed to change much except that I could now feel— and feel the effects of— his secrets and lies and self-destruction. We were connected. And as he went into a haze I lost my mind for a minute or two…

Have you been there?

I had to pivot away from my own worry thoughts… and also… move some distance from people with bad vibes and endless, never-addressed issues that create universal drama.

Gut feelings aren’t just hunches or tuned-in magic. On a cellular level, we’re actually entangled with the minds of the people closest to us (more on this coming soon!) and that is a powerful way to see the way thoughts become “broadcast” even when you’re not speaking them.   We’re also picking up on positive broadcasts everywhere. We sense things. They may even pop into dreams.

Do you trust what you feel?

Learning about all of this “thoughts become broadcast” ideology was initially off putting. I didn’t want to believe it.   I mean, I never wanted to empower anyone to have a negative affect on me!   Not only that, but I didn’t want to have to be responsible for the thousands of thoughts- many unproductive- that I had all day. It’s totally impossible to control, anyway, right?

Yes and no.

What I’ve learned recently from “mind-re-wiring experts” is this: Our mind – even subconsciously- is tuned into our survival. We’re more apt to pick what feels good, even if it’s a comfortable negative thought, if it’s meant to help us to survive. But… you can totally shift gears. You can’t control each thought but you can detox so much of the negative static from your space that you start becoming familiar with feeling great and free of the other stuff that’s destructive.

If you want a worry-free, drama-free life, that’s Utopian in the best way ever… yet it’s possible to get so much closer to that ideal right now. It’s unreal how easy it is.

Trust those feelings you have and avoid bad vibe people. Sure, you may be told it’s irrational, but you don’t need to rationalize your feelings.

Catch yourself in negative judgements of others and shift toward positivity.   Even if you don’t want people in your space, your judgements are not a positive effect to generate. The best way to actually “help” someone to change (and this is my observation) 1. stop judging and 2. picture them as happy and healthy and well. That’s some potent stuff. Worrying about people is sending negativity in their direction if you think about it.

Meditate and calm your mind much more with exercise, prayer or fun…. or empowering therapy. If you ruminate on problems you really do amplify them and share them with the world in a non-productive, super-destructive way.

And… you may want to do whatever you can to dump the negativity from your home, too! These ideas can help get you started!  

Clear mind, clear thoughts, happy people around you= a calm life of greatness!

xoxo Dana

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