How To Use The Power Of Sound To Elevate Your Life!

May 13, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

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We interact with each other through an exchange of energy.  From the colors we wear to the ways we fuel our glowing energy from the inside out to the words we use and… even the sounds of the words we use!  And even the sounds in the air around us!

Sound is vibration that tunes in to like vibrations.  We can “hear” a spectrum of vibration, but aminals, with different caliber “hearing” capacity, can pick up on frequencies we can’t even hear.  We can feel vibration even without hearing it, as our heart and brain and whole body have a vibrational frequency that’s been measured and can capture “similar” frequencies.

Sound is so powerful because its waves are powerful.  Fir those of you who make music or love music, you know the emotive power of sound in profound ways.  Sound can help us access brain states that are not easily available to us in everyday life.  And, for some, sound is healing.

Today’s feng shui is an exploration of sound as a way to change your day, your mind and your life! 

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I once had a healer tap specific tuning forks and place them at differents points on my body to emit waves that made a big change in my energy almost instantly.  It was my first full-body-wow pass at “sound therapy” and it was profound.

Today, my sister Nicole, a numerologist tuned into the vibration of numbers and the ways we can reach alignment in vibration, shares so much on the power of sound that is illuminating and exciting.

“Sounds are vibrations that travel through the air and can be acknowledged once they reach our ears. Everything on this earth is composed of energy, travelling at speeds and or frequencies. The activities of cells and tissue in the human body radiate electrical energy, known as our biomagnetic energy field. The frequency at which these cells and tissues pulsate can give clear insight into the health of our organs and our bodies overall.

Sound healing is a form of energy medicine that focuses on the human energy field, using sound to align, balance, and unblock our chakras to eradicate symptoms of disease in our bodies. This is done by changing the energy of our chakras, using sound vibrations, to balance our biomagnetic energy field.

The Aboriginal people of Australia were the first known culture to use this healing method, 40,000 years ago, using the didgeridoo (a musical instrument) to heal torn muscles, broken bones and other illnesses. Tibetan monks used sound healing techniques in the form of chanting or prayer bowls and Ancient Egyptians chanted vowels sounds, as they believed vowels to be sacred and powerful.  You can explore more of this ancient practice HERE. 

The human brain produces brain wave frequencies. The four scientifically identifiable brain states are:

  • Beta: This is your conscious, waking state.
  • Alpha: This is your light sleep, daydreaming, meditative state.
  • Theta: This is your dreaming state.
  • Delta: This is the state of deep sleep, without the presence of dreams.

In the 1970’s, biophysicist, Gerald Oster found that when a tone is played in one ear and a different tone is played in the other ear, the brain creates a third tone called binaural beat, which syncs both hemispheres of the brain – this he called brain entrainment. Sound therapy utilizes entrainment to bring your brain waves from a beta, waking state, to an alpha, meditative state where healing can occur.

Entrainment is the process by which one sound, emitted by a person (chanting or singing), or object (singing bowls, bells, drums, tuning forks) emits a strong vibration, causing the less powerful vibration to catch up or match the more powerful vibration. This process has been known to regulate breathing, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and boost your immune system.

As Rob Schneider explains in Natural Therapy Pages:

“Brainwave entrainment (bwe) is a method by which these states of consciousness are induced by introducing rhythmic sound frequencies that match the desired brainwave frequency. The brain then “entrains” to the frequency it is following and a shift in consciousness occurs. Brainwave entrainment is used for meditation, study, to help facilitate healing and much more.”

A review in the 2008 edition of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, studying brain wave entrainment and patient outcome showed that entrainment is effective to relieve stress, pain, headaches, premenstrual syndrome, and improves cognitive function deficits.

Clinical studies have also shown the effectiveness of sound therapy. The British Academy of Sound Therapy found that 95% of their clients suffering from stress disorders felt increased calm following treatment.

Sound healing professional, Kay Grace shares some tips in Cyndi Dale’s  book, The Subtle Body Practice Manual – A Comprehensive Guide to Energy Healing, on how to use sound daily to heal. Here are a few of the ideas offered (and you should grab the book, it’s fantastic!) —
• Speak your truth with kindness in a way that aligns with your core beliefs. This creates more harmony in a vibrational sense.
• Sing often, irrespective of good of a singer you are!!!
• Play music for at least an hour everyday that makes you feel good. (watch for the lyrics though, making sure you aren’t repeating negative words!)

And, enjoy the vibrations!




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