Fifth Chakra Feng Shui To Be Yourself & Live Your Truth In A Big Way!

May 25, 2016 | Sensory Goodness



Being who you are, speaking your truth and living your truth are enormously simple and natural ideas that get really convoluted in overthinking, oversaturation of media and expectations.

After all, why wouldn’t you say how you feel?  Why would you sign up to live a life to make someone else happy?  Why would you do things you don’t want to do because everyone else is doing them?

It’s all very easy, but so complicated once you start doing the opposite.  Start down a path of pleasing a partner or living to please your family or trying to measure up to some ideal and then… what happens to you ?  You can feel really far away from & really disconnected from everything that looks and feels and sounds like you…

A few ideas to plug back in:


Get a whole lot of sleep.

Do a little time travel back to childhood and remember all you love so easily and naturally.

Try any and all of the firth cahakra balancing tips above!

And… if you want to re-connect the dots where you’ve been disconnected, this huge lesson I learned at MBG’s Revitalize 2014 is one I reach for every time I need to reconnect:

xoxo Dana



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