Crown Chakra Feng Shui To Clear Your Mind & Boost Your Mood

May 26, 2016 | Creativity

crown chakra feng shui


I’m presently geeking out a bit at these awesome chakra healing charts because they pull together such a great handful of visual tips and color! There are so many fun options and ideas to create balance and harmony in subtle, fun, intentional ways.

The “Crown Chakra” is a big deal. That “energy” area of the body located at the top of- and over- your head is sort of an umbrella to all things related to clear-minded  and happy living. It’s also one of the least-explored of the chakras in popular energy circles around me for some reason, so I started to investigate!

hair grow potion

Right now if you give yourself an informal scalp massage gently you’ll feel the effects of balancing this crown chakra energy in your life. Your brain itself has a pretty big field of electromagnetic energy so it’s a very “vibey” activity! A few days a week (and this is amazing for your hair!) if you can do a little scalp massage with a few drops of oil (I mix coconut and castor oil and use it sparingly… maybe a teaspoon worth is dotted over my whole scalp) and massage for a few minutes then leave on overnight. It’s made my hair grow dramatically faster (I’m pretty confident about this!) and it’s helped me to feel more peace before bed.   (note: a towel on your pillow will protect linens when  & if you sleep with it…)

love your life


Another favorite “confusion clearing” crown chakra goodie I love is decision-making. Literally, it couldn’t be more simple, but it is immense for your life to sweep away the maybes. Whatever you’re “not sure what to do” with, decide: I am going to do this. I am going to do this later. I am not going to do this. Simple. Maybe’s are clutter. Stuff that’s hung around past its expiration date is also clutter.

Lingering obligations that feel wrong: those are also clutter!

Enjoy dotting lavender through your life, stretching, getting clear-minded, and lightening up your energy field!



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