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May 31, 2016 | Prosperity

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I read an insanely amazing passage from the ultimate love guru of Los Angeles (and, actually, quite universally), Dr. Pat Allen. She’s a pragmatist. By that I mean this: it’s not about craziness and drama or deep struggle with Pat Allen. It’s all on an even keeled level of communication and negotiation and making and keeping commitments.

That’s huge.

In fact, she says so very clearly in many ways this very mysterious and simple statement: “You know how much someone loves you by the commitments they’re willing to make and keep.”

That’s a huge load of mystery decoded to the utter simplicity of that statement: love is demonstrated in making and keeping commitments.

So, if you want to flood your own life with more love, instead of dwelling in the abstraction of the idea of love and everything else, maybe just check out your level of commitment to yourself, to others… and… also… the level of commitment you’ve got in all your relationships, too! 

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This morning, I was up early in case I could catch a friend that I haven’t seen in years before heading myself out to a yoga class I promised myself I would start. I’ve been promising myself I’d start this yoga class- as small as it seems- for the last year! And so, in the spirit of demonstrating more self-love, I decided the best way to do it would be to keep that commitment.



What commitments have you made to yourself that you’ve not been able to keep so far? 

When you’re upping the level of love in your life, it doesn’t have to be a convoluted or complex or puzzling situation. It doesn’t require a silent retreat or a spiritual awakening.   It’s as simple, quite often, as keeping the commitment you made to do things that you know you need or want to do. It isn’t always romantic, like my drive to the beach at 7am. But…when I read that simple quote from a woman who has helped the most hopeless in love into happy relationships for a lifetime, the simplicity of it all was the very basic: making and keeping commitments.

Can you commit to something more self-loving today that’s been long wavered on, something long overdue that you’ve been wanting or needing to do? 

The same goes for all of love.

Of course, I say, simply, start with your environment.  What commitments are you making to the betterment of your space, your habits and your own personal wellbeing? 

Then, look at the love in your life.  Who can you count on? Can you be counted on? 

If everything in life is a mirror of us, when our level of commitment is high, the level of love we have is high. If it’s not reciprocated, that’s fine. That says a lot. The can be the opening to a conversation with a friend, a lover or a family member to raise the level of love based on keeping commitments.   If we’re the one’s falling short on commitment, we’re the ones that can raise the level of love with simple decisions that are actually followed through.

This remarkably easy proposition is hardly magic. But, check out what happens when you commit to your daily smoothie, to the extra hour of focused work you’ve been meaning to do, to the habit you’re dying to start …

So if you wonder if you have enough love, if you’re wavering in love or confused about friendships, this super-simple idea might just strike you as profoundly as it hit me. If you’ve wondered how to “love yourself” more, it could actually be this easy.

And, you’ll get so much done. With so little confusion, drama and thinking!

If you’re stuck in cycles of thinking and wondering that aren’t helping you to commit because it’s all confusion, detox the negativity from your life!

Commit to walking away from bad news conversations, drama and topics that feel limited. Commit to joy. Commit to the light and free way to see things. Commit to flow instead of force.

It really works wonders!!! xoxo Dana

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