10 Ways To Get Into The Flow Of Your Own Perfect Timing

Jun 2, 2016 | Creativity

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When it feels like time isn’t on your side, it can be daunting.  Especially if it’s the way you’re living, always seeming to be a few steps (or a few years!) behind everyone else!

Are you always feeling behind? Do you feel like you’re missing the boat when it comes to timing? Are you wondering why everyone’s far ahead? Are you constantly stressed that nothing’s getting done the way it’s supposed to?

I’m with you.  I thought time wasn’t on my side for a very long time.  I struggled, I criticized myself, I was on a rollercoaster, I constantly pressured myself… And I wasted time in the process!

Time is too valuable to waste!

Then, right before quitting on lots of things, I started wondering if I was doing something way wrong!  I happened into this idea of flow from feng shui and perfect timing became something natural.  So much more got done. And I wasn’t falling apart in the process.

If you want to flow more with your life, it can be easier than you think, and your home can help you!

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that put time on your side!

1. Put yourself first. When I see people falling apart at the seams, not sleeping, not eating, not breathing well and sort of in a loop of “OMG I am just so busy it’s crazy…” I see my former self and feel their pain. If you can step out of that loop, you’ll start to see how unsustainable all the overwhelm actually is, and hopefully you’ll dare to put yourself first.

2. Stop idealizing other people’s “perfect” lives and “perfect” homes. I can tell you that my clients in LA are- for the most part- living lives that look flawless and incredibly surreal on the surface. What we see isn’t what actually is happening. We’re all human, we all have challenges and the more you can walk away from making comparisons the more you’ll free yourself to be yourself. Just because a home looks perfect when a designer comes in and a team lays on the glamour doesn’t mean that a person feels connected, at home, or even has the time and peace of mind to enjoy it all. The most perfect lives and perfect homes I know are far from “flawless” and full of presence, love and ease.

3. What’s your creative process? It might take you longer than other people to come up with ideas. You may be meant to take longer to focus on details. You may not be a “churn things out” machine and more of a thoughtful creator of every day. For some, rapid production is easy and pondering things isn’t easy. We all have our best ways to do things, and our own best speed. Honor that. It’s part of what will bring you brilliance.

4. End the “race” and focus on quality. I’ve seen a lot of “pulled together” stuff tossed around. I’ve had a lot of “half-present” and rushed conversations. I’ve had masterful haircuts cut short by a string of people waiting in the time crunched stylists schedule (and never went back!)… and I’ve stopped packing my own days so that I could actually do the things I said I would do when I do them!

5. Multitasking isn’t valuable. If you want to stay fragmented and trying to catch up constantly, multitask. It’s a fast track to getting nowhere.

6. Clear your life of negativity! It’s as easy as it sounds, and as complicated as you make it… !

7. Love yourself right now, in actions! When you’re not full of love, you’re likely looking at other people and their “stuff” and thinking they have it better than you. Love yourself in actions, like taking breaks and days off and indulging in hobbies and fun… and you’ll be less apt to search outside of yourself for all the ways you’re falling behind!

8. Obstacles are a roadmap to huge changes. Those obstacles we can all cringe at are actually a way forward. They aren’t a waste of time, they’re a way to clear negative karma and transform stuff in positive ways.

9. Keep taking your own small steps forward. My Clutter & Cash camps are based on constant motion forward… and that leads to huge transformations. My whole life has been built on small steps, not seismic leaps. If you’re consistently building, you’re always in your flow.

10. Reinforce your personal gifts and talents in your home.  See the stuff that makes you come to life. Display your collections, memories … showcase your accomplishments… and make it all look and feel like you.

You’re exactly where you’re meant to be right this moment!

These simple things are a way to shift from, “I’m so behind” to “I’m right on time.” Especially when you squash the idea of rushing to catch up to people in an imaginary race!

You’re creating time every day, and the better you feel, the more brilliant you’ll be.

Time is always on your side!

xoxo Dana

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