How Balanced Is The Energy In Your Life?

Jun 16, 2016 | Sensory Goodness



THIS chakra chart started me on a little creative energy excursion today!

Chakras are a beautiful energy system because they correspond to emotional balancing, every kind of creative expression, physical wellness…even colors… and yoga…and scent…and sound.

While there are at least 10 systems of energy that light-worker healers can work with when balancing a body that I’m aware of, and likely an incredible number more, the chakras are easiest in my mind to visualize, access and balance in all sorts of aesthetic ways.

If you want to get the day started on a high, do a few minutes of yoga, even 10, accessing some of the simple poses above that you feel comfortable with…and you’ll overall start to unlock any stagnation.

If you feel an imbalance that’s greater and you can’t pin it down, THIS very simple chakra balance test can help you to get a snapshot of what energies might be weaker or overemphasized at the moment in your life.  Too much or too little of any energy is not balanced.

Too much talking, for example, can overstimulate the Fifth (throat chakra) and suddenly it’s hard to express yourself, or you lose your voice like I did 5 times last year!

If you’re looking to restore balance once you have an intuitive sense of what energies might benefit from some reinforcement, THIS feng shui for all seven chakras can help get you started!

Now, I am going to go grab myself some lemon water and take a nap with the fur baby.  It turns out my “power” center (third chakra) is a touch low, and I’m ready to get it back into alignment!


xoxo Dana

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