A Gorgeous Meditative Art Exercise To Help Bring Your Dreams To Life

Jun 18, 2016 | Creativity

It’s nearly the Summer Solstice as I write this (* I’ll be doing all that I describe with seashells and seaweed on Monday at the beach!) and today I have lots of beautiful dreams on my mind. Artful manifestation. Unfolding-of-genius type manifestation. Lots of bringing art to life. Lots of exciting things to make. Lots of magic.

And today, the meditative manifestation is all about the incredibly hypnotic mandala.

I’ve always been inspired by the danmala nature mandalas of Kathy Klein (you can see a ton of them here!) and, since I was a child, I’ve had the most natural attraction toward drawing flower mandala patterns… And then… Some monks came to a museum where I worked and set up shop in the lobby making a mandala from colored sand all day for weeks and said it was their meditation.

Years later, coloring books of mandalas became a big thing to de-stress.  And… I’m a huge fan of ancient crystal mandalas…

What’s the deal with mandalas?

If you’re into Carl Jung, especially is Redbook (full of mandalas he’s made that are deeply intricate). you know that he believed that mandalas that we make are a snapshot of our true selves.   Also, these mandalas could help his patients to heal from mental unrest. Fractal Enlightment explains Jung’s process in detail, but this was most fascinating to me…

“Jung used mandalas in his psychotherapy by getting patients, who had no knowledge of it, to create individual mandalas. This enabled him to identify emotional disorders and work towards wholeness in personality.”
Art is a snapshot of your soul in many ways, particularly if you organize geometry around a central point and create a brilliantly organized thing of beauty that you can behold and explore.

Taking a cue from nature… lets make a manifestation mandala…!

  1. Decide what you’d like to create or what type of shift you’d like to see in your life. If you’d like you can write it on a tiny slip of paper and place it in the center of the mandala, folded up.
  2. Decide on a central focus point to your mandala. The center is the core around which everything is organized. Maybe it’s a crystal, or a full flower (or a bouquet, as shown above!) or a candle or something meaningful to you.
  3. Now, go gathering your bits of nature to animate your wish. Leaves, petals, seashells, rocks, crystals, sand, vines, grass… even ribbons, fabric, gorgeous confetti… you name it, if it feels right, it can be in your toolkit.
  4. Whether you head to a lawn or use a tabletop, a corner of your floor or a patio, sweep the space clear and get settled wherever you want this to go.
  5. Now… add… in a circle, rings and layers of your mandala until you feel it’s complete. There are no rules except the idea of symmetry… each half should mirror the other.  (see above) In this way, you’ll be filling in a sort of tapestry of geometric forms with your intentions. This helps to relax the mind.
  6. If you find yourself thinking too much, step away for a while and return with renewed energy and all that intention and electricity will flow.
  7. Leave your mandala for a day or so and enjoy it. If it’s stones or crystals, it can stay for a longer while. If it’s nature-made petals and leaves, sweep them up after a day or so and return them to the Earth with gratitude.
  8. Let that dream you created come to life though you as you practice all the stuff every day that makes you happier. Happiness is the ultimate “dreams-come-true” energy!

xoxo Dana

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