Feng Shui To Bounce Back & Soar After Big Times Of Stress!

Jun 23, 2016 | Creativity

If you’ve recently been through stressful situations, I’m so sorry and I do understand.  So well.

I wish I was immune and wish you were, too.  There are days- often-  that I wish there was total immunity for all of us from disappointment, drama, heartbreak, trauma, anger and upsets of all kinds.

There’s nothing I would want more in a Utopian sense than a world in total, always, complete peace,  but in a real-life sense, it’s sometimes the tough stuff that can pave the way for the great stuff, the struggles that can give birth to the breakthroughs.

If you’ve been under lots of stress, you know how that stress can cause a home and life tornado of its own.  Dishes piling up, sleep and exercise stuck on the back burner, convenience food replacing the vibrant food, the dreams melting into the background and the worry thoughts overwhelming the present moment— all are common.

You aren’t alone if you’ve lost track of your life for a while in an overwhelm.

I’ve had my fair share of these waves- big and small-  and there’s a lot of truth to the idea that these shake ups can be wake ups.

It doesn’t feel like a wake up when you come out of a health crisis, trauma or a heartbreak and see a pile of problems and disorder greeting you- I know- but it really can be.  Once you can see where things are out of order, neglected, not loved enough, not minded well enough… that’s when there’s a huge opportunity to rocket ahead.

I’m not a stranger to having experienced stress on a high high level.  Sudden deaths have spurned enormous changes in my life.  Big illness moved me toward bigger wellness.  Breakups have been like slingshots moving life forward.  We’ve all had our turning points.  Lots of them were spurned not by things working out perfectly but by the darker stuff, and it’s all a function – it seems- of the perspective and hope you can hold onto as you move through things.

Emerging from a hard time, even if you’re sure it’s full of lessons and you’re optimistic (awesome, vital start!), it can be extra-supportive to dive in and strengthen whatever life stuff got strained under the stress.

Go through the mail.  Emails, mail, piles of papers.  After a life-upheaval in a relationship I spent a week returning missed emails, opening mail, reviewing bank statements and finding all kinds of money and opportunity I would have missed in the process of being spun in circles!  Go through all your communication and see if you’ve got things to delete, respond to or file so that you’re operating with more free-flowing energy.

If you’re recovering from some financial stress stuff that seems very big, the Cash Camp is here and you can watch the free videos HERE to rejuvenate your wealth-building energy in a big way!

Get back to basics.  Simple things like waking up at the same time every day, doing a basic happiness-boosting habits every day like eating regularly (simple food, simple stuff) every day… these small things may not feel like you’re re-inventing the wheel or taking a rocket ride to a new galaxy, but they’ll help you to recover, rest your mind and re-calibrate your personal energy flows!

Rejuvenate your environment where it has been stressed!  Is it time to dry-clean the blankets, wash the windows, scrub the bathtub…?  Are you overdue to change the filter on your air or water purifiers? Are there lightbulbs that have been blown out for far too long? As you make these seemingly small upgrades, you’re creating a more solid, supportive space around you, and this is a very big deal!

Keep the negativity farrrr away.  If you’re interested in a rocket ride instead of a constant struggle, operating in more joy and less drama is vital.  While you may not to be able to avoid every stress, there are lots of stresses that can absolutely be avoided like toxic communication, habits like sugar that stress out your life and body and even too much TV.

Sketch out your dreams in full color again.  You might feel like some dreams are far away after a hard time, but when you can draw them out or find pictures of them to build up a file, you’re bringing those dreams closer to mind…and closer to your life.  Revamp them to include new lessons, new determinations and new values you’ve picked up along the way!

Keep celebrating all the steps you take that move you forward, because as small as some may seem, they’ll snowball into a very big deal:  a much more committed, meaningful, positive, love-filled and supportive life. That’s the start of a rocket-ride up up up for sure!

xoxo Dana

P.S.: The Cash Camp starts next week, and it’s been expanded in 2023, for its ninth season, to meet this moment, with two months of even more Money Feng Shui, deep focus and an immersion in abundance.

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  1. Ashley


    Your words and your positivity always make me feel so good. No matter what is happening in life, anytime I read something you have to say I am grounded and brought back to the present moment. Thank you!


    • danaclaudat

      Thank YOU! We are all connected & you just made my day xoxoxoxo


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