Awesome Reasons To Fall In Love With The Positive Stories All Around You

Jun 25, 2016 | Prosperity

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While there’s a whole lot of troubling and heartbreaking news in the world, and there’s also enormous amounts of good news.  While I will never make light of a dark time- (everything- and every emotion- is valid and awesome and important to experience and real and true) – there’s a quality of a story that moves past this moment and colors all of life.  The tragedy can color life or it can be a turning point.  The big stories, the pervasive ones that we tell all the time, the ones that make a lasting impact- are usually the ones I can see displayed in people’s homes, their habits and even the way they talk about their stuff and their future.

We’re all living stories to some degree of another.  There are common threads of stories that link us all: archetypes that we share in common as part of the human experience.  (According to THIS little assessment quiz, I’m an Innocent Child inside and out!) We tell stories of what has happened in the day, in an argument, in a job, in life, in love… and we tell them from our perspective, fitting the story into our big story in a way that makes sense to us.

These ideas are accepted by psychology, by philosophers, by researchers and sociologists… and now, in more popular culture. Stories are a big deal.

Why not focus on the really magical stories every day?!

hot air balloon

Find some real stories that prove that it’s possible.  A friend called yesterday as I was getting high on reading acounts of people meeting their soulmates in unexpectedly magical ways.  I had just finished watching videos of people overcoming great odds to make their dreams come true.  I’m a big sucker for stories of peace-making against all good reason, breakthroughs, testimonials… I love to hear what is possible and I love to seek out these stories.  It’s my way of expanding what is possible.

Google some stories of postivity, get to reading and watching, and you’ll already feel lighter.

We get a whole lot of what we expect so it’s vital to stay in positive expectations.  The nuance of this is that we’re living out both our conscious and SUBconscious expectations, so the more you can immerse yourself in positivity, the better the chances of staying fixed on the positive! THIS now Vintage YouTube is all about expecting & getting more of the good stuff.

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Tell the good stories and the beauty emerges.  

I can tell you a story about a great love of my life so far.

We were so alike, so similar.  There were incredible adventures, we travelled, we shared, we stayed up late into the night creating beautiful things, we wandered the beach and had a future of fun mapped out for ourselves.  We cooked together and made art together and went to incredible heights together and saw the most epic sunsets.  And it was heartbreaking that we didn’t last, but I’m so grateful it happened.

I could also tell you the same story of tis relationship: we were so amazing and perfect and then we fought endlessly, we neglected each other, secrets hung in the air heavy,  I was lied to and abandoned and constantly on a roller coaster, I felt crazy,  there was so much anger and I can’t believe I involved myself in that kind of mess.

There are two stories. Same experience.  The first story is  true.  The second is warped and full of blame and attachment and righteous anger and the thing about the second story is that it persists and colors life with that anger and pain and makes love very unappealing.  When, a long time ago, it was suggested by a wise therapist and healer that I take that second story and see where and how I created that story I got very angry.  But…because it wouldnt reconcile, it wouldn’t go away, the pain and anger lingered… so I did what she suggested and as hard as it was… it worked.  Now, I tell the good story.  It is way more true.  It’s love.  Love is always the truth in my eyes.

Which stories are you telling? Can you use the heavy, bad, disempowering ones to make a change in your energy and patterns and habits?

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Immering yourself in more light is the best way to make a change, and often the most tricky with so much of the dark stuff lingering in life all over the place.  I created a Joy Immersion because I literally had to make happiness my full time job to emerge from a deep dark place in my own life years ago, and it was hard-won and the tools I found along the way were invaluable.  I write the blog every day full of design and science and ideas and holistic goodies that bring more joy to life because I have to because… it’s like… a piece of me, a responsibility, a practice… It’s my own joy.  Joy changes every single day!!!

From years of feng shui and change-making and space shifting I can tell you with certainty that there’s a choice we all have in perspective.  What stories you want to tell, what stories you believe, what you think is possible and what you create are to a greater degree than I even have realized, big choices.  I’ve had very disabled clients make the most enormous, inspiring changes to their home on their own that brought tears to my eyes they were so majestic that I know it’s possible.  I’ve watched people overcome incredible personal and situational issues that seemed enormous.  It wasn’t me who made the changes.  It was a strong decision that each person made to tell a new story and immerse themselves in hope, light, love and a new direction.

After reading a story of a doctor who helped a patient too immersed in fears and phobias to even leave the house to heal by sending her love every day, I saw a whole new verion of hope and power that we all have… if we can sit in that space of possibility.

Share those awesome stories!!!

It’s big. It’s awesome. It’s radically inspiring.  It makes my whole body and mind feel strong to think about it.  It’s freeing.  It’s amazing.

The good stories are everywhere.  Seek them out.  Write them. Tell them.  Live them.

xoxo Dana



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  1. S

    I had the exactly same test results, Dana! Every time people tell me that I am too naive (implying that’s why I get bruised), I sigh and wish humanity would open up to play and imagination of the impossible.. because that’s what keeps me going. =)

    • danaclaudat

      yes!!! everything really is possible!!! even if others dont believe it yet it is! 🙂


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