7 Ways To Get Ready To Make Those Awesomely Big Dreams Come True

Jun 27, 2016 | Prosperity


Are you ready to go after the big stuff?

Even if it means taking the first few steps, then the next few, there’s a certain willingness and openness that it takes to go for the big love, the big dreams, the big commitments. I used to cringe when I would hear people say, “I’m not ready to take a risk…” or “I’m not ready for a family…” or “I’m not ready for love…” and I would cringe not because I didn’t believe them but because I would recognize that I had the same “Not Ready” feeling in myself.

If you’re in a place where you feel “not ready” a whole lot of awesome opportunity, time and greatness might just slip right through your fingers.

In feng shui, the not-readiness for things is very apparent in some ways and it’s more stealth in others.

But… I can always see as well as hear the lack of self-certainty and openness. The great news: it takes just a simple and exciting decision to start getting ready for the big stuff right now!

beach rocks

I can tell you I had a lot of opportunities- from million dollar screenplay deals to major, epic love- come into my life when I was far from ready. I was confused, I wasn’t clear on who I was and what I wanted, I was cluttered in my mind and my life was a whirlwind.

When any of the many blessings I had been offered actually arrived in my life I had the choice to make myself ready, but I was too lost in clouds of my own internal junk and external nonsense to clear that kind of space. Instead, I blamed life for being unfair when these things fell apart… and… until I finally got stopped in my tracks… kept on going down the same line of “unfairness” of the universe.

Sound familiar? I think we’ve all been there at some point in some way…

Luckily, there are always more opportunities.

But, with no regrets I can say it would have been awesome to see and know what I later learned back then–and what I’ve seen in clients for a decade, and friends, and everywhere- because it would have been so much less confusing and stifling!   Even if you’re not ready right now for all the big stuff you want, if you’re willing to get it together, you can seize so much of the greatness of every day far more easily and open the floodgates to so many gifts that are waiting.

Ready to get more ready, clearing space and strengthening the energy around you so that you can soar?


See yourself as the creator of everything. If you can look at everything without self-blame but rather, with a sense of empowering cause (as in, “I made this so I can change it!”) you can change things. If others do things to you every day, you won’t ever change and you won’t be ready. This kept me stuck for maybe 10 years creatively in my life, thinking other people did things to me and blocked me.

Whatever is stuck is cluttered in some way. If you’re stuck in your fitness, maybe your routine is too much of a burden? If you’re stuck in a friendship, are there things unsaid that worry you or linger heavy? If you’re stuck in money, where are you out of whack in your flow? Or love? Can you see where the blocks are?   (The free Love Camp feng shui video series is coming soon to clear blocks to love in your life!!!)

Know what matters. If you don’t know what is most important to you, where will you focus? Clarifying your vision and what you want is a very simple way to cut through the noise and spend time on what’s vital for you. One love I lost because I just didn’t know what was important to me, and everything got in the way because I allowed it to happen by having very little focus.

Build a solid foundation. Your home needs a solid foundation. So does your life. Without the basics like sleeping and eating well, everything you do is a house of cards. You have no idea how many clients of mine struggle with the basics.

See the mirror of life. If you’re mirror reflects a community of stuck people, complainers, confusion, anger or self-destruction in the folks around you…what does that say about you? If your home reflects that same energy, what does that tell you? We can’t change anyone but ourselves, and that mirror can help us to see where we can grow. If you run into the same issues in other people, I’m willing to bet 100% that they are your issues as well.

Decide to move ahead every day, even if just in tiny ways. When you keep moving ahead, you build momentum. Momentum makes it easier to do more far more easily. Momentum also gets you in creative flow. Habits get wired into our brain when they’re repeated daily. Go for the great stuff!

Change karma. Thoughts + Words + Actions are Karma. What you do now affects tomorrow. This Vintage You Tube is all about it!

Readiness is a state of mind, after all. It starts with a decision, a super-strong decision that your energy is going toward a more and more amazing life every day.   Fulfilling that vision, clearing the space and making the changes along the way are all the icing on the cake.

xoxoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana




  1. Terri Fox


    You spoke in your video today about the good karma in doing things for others. Today, I want to tell YOU how inspirational you are to me (and, I’m sure, thousands of others).

    I came to your site because I need help with turning our lives around. Briefly, in the past 2 years, the following has happened to my husband & me: the sudden onset of severe dysautonomia for me, leaving me nearly housebound; having to sell my beloved, thriving business because I was too sick to work; the death of my husband’s brother; my husband being laid off from the co. where he has worked for 25 years; discovering I had cancer; the death of our precious pup; not being able to sell our house for over a year; my husband’s shoulder surgery; a hospital admission for me for a severe autonomic crash, SO many hospital bills… I think that might be it?!

    Your daily messages have lifted my spirits so much. I am working much more on gratitude and, as you also mentioned today, mirror affirmations and just rearranging my thinking several times a day. It would be way too easy for me to be totally overwhelmed and completely depressed right now, but I am trying so hard not to do it — to fight back with humor, positivity & gratitude. (It doesn’t ALWAYS work, but it helps tremendously!)

    I do feel like I am ‘mooching’ off you — I can’t afford to buy your book or your services right now, but I am really taking advantage of every email & video you send. So I thought I could AT LEAST let you know how inspiring you are to me, and how much you have helped me see past all the stupid crap that is going on in our lives right now to the beauty of the universe beyond. You totally rock, and you are so very much appreciated! It’s like seeing a happy, wonderful friend in my inbox every day!

    Many thanks for everything you do–
    Terri Fox

    • danaclaudat

      Terri, the fact that you’re getting any value and benefit from what I share is why this is here and I am so thrilled to hear you’re moving toward joy!!! Email me at dana@fengshuidana.com 🙂 Be well!!!!!


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