So Much Magic Happens When You Do Things Your Own Way

Jun 28, 2016 | Creativity

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Making things your own is such magic.  If you’re on a quest for absolute answers to anything from the best way to dress this Summer to the way things will turn out according to very accurate psychic prediction, you’re not going to be owning that truth because it’s sort of like wearing a mask over your own self.

If you’re trying to solve a problem and looking for advice on what, exactly, to say and do, you’re not solving a problem, truly.  If you’re looking to start a business and you’re looking to duplicate what someone else is doing, it’s not likely to feel like your own message.

There are a whole lot of best practices for everything from designing a home to creating a healthy relationship.  Then, there’s real life where those best practices don’t always apply. People meet and get married a week later and stay together forever.  Divorces become re-marriages. Bedrooms get used as dining rooms.  Bookshelves become a pantry. I’ve seen enough of the rules thrown out the window enough to know that they’re sort of a guideline for some but not all things.

I use a small percentage of “best practices” straight from the books where feng shui is concerned because over the years I found that collaboration, personalization, your style and your experience of life count so much more than a bagua map of any other feng shui tool.

Where you step into creating life is where the magic truly happens your own way.

Today’s feng shui is about breaking down dogma and setting yourself free to create in ways that are flowing, powerful and have a massive & very exciting impact!

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Less dogma and more creativity. Less thinking and more living.  Bigger risks and better rewards when they come.  This is all simple stuff, but it runs counter to all we’re told is the “right” thing to do.

My early lessons in coloring out of the lines were vast, which is why it shocked me that when I got to the adult world I fell into figuring out “the way I was supposed to” do things .  I believe we all have it as kids- a spirit of doing what feels right.

My ways were for sure my own ways.  Filming commercials as school extra credits in second grade back when we didn’t have video cameras in our pockets (!), designing Science projects of New Age crystal healing with my sister, writing experimental poetry (omg it was creepy how I predicted my own future) as an 11 year old.  No one knew quite what to do with me.  My college essays were about teaching aerobics in Brazil after I left my foreign exchange host family and went rogue, and a wild story of how my Dad left my sister and I in an apartment in Marina Del Rey for a Summer with lots of money and without supervision when we were 12 and 8 respectively.

Nothing was typical. But man, I won every award, got every scholarship, enjoyed every moment of everything I was doing…

no more comfort zones

Until I started to believe that something bad would happen to me if I didn’t follow the ways that other people did things.  

That’s when virtuousness took over.  I thought I was going to lose my mind, I felt like I didn’t even have an identity any more…I was trying to scramble to fit in…

Have you been there? Are you there now?

It’s deafeningly bland.

Years later I snapped back to being me and doing creative life and work and thinking and living my own way and felt like I came back to life!

What you do technically matters less than the energy with which you do it. It’s not perfect always, but passion and connection to anything rivals technical perfection almost every time.  I’ve seen enough renowned artists praying for accidents that create genius to know that perfect isn’t a thing… “living in the zone” of creativity is a thing.

The best way I’ve found to triumph over most blocks in my own life is deep creativity and immersion in joy.  Like: joy all day.  Feel good food, feel good reading, feel good friends, feel good love, feel good walks, feel good everything.  It’s not self-indulgent; in joy you can create so much more!


Master the big concepts and fundamentals like a Jedi.  I couldn’t work at all without such a deep understanding and practice of the core principles of energy and feng shui.  I spend years getting those very simple basics understood and expanded upon and I’m still always learning because I feel like I don’t know much of anything in this vast universe (!) but those core basics make it so much easier to improvise and personalize things.  Same for art-making.  Same for any art, practice, craft… the core principles open up the doors to so much creativity and growth.

Trust how things make your body feel.  If you’re moving in directions that cause you deep panic, investigate.  The panic might be typical fear of the new… or you might actually be in a space that’s just not good for you.  How do you feel when you’re in certain environments? Does a room in your home make you feel bad? Do you find you’re in a slump emotionally around certain people?

Trust yourself and see how you can learn more of your own best ways by how your body reacts.  I once dated a man who was so wonderful but from the day I met him I barely slept for nearly four months of our adventures together.  I typically can sleep anywhere, at any time!  It took me some time to understand all the lessons and do all the unraveling  (and sleep catch up!) afterward but it was worth it- my body was telling me so many things I needed to know!

Don’t be afraid of the “work” parts.  Whether the work is lots of hours of creating or it’s physical training or therapy or self-introspection or spiritual immersion— or all of the above— creating your life your way from observation and experience is work in the best way possible: fulfilling, thrilling and even when it’s tearful or frustrating, it’s elevating.

Stay unattached (the trickiest one for me!) and you’ll stay in flow. If you just have to have one specific thing really badly, everyone from sages to scientists will tell you that you’ll repel that very thing.  This or something better will come.  Don’t hold on too tight to one thing.  If you’e fixated, take a walk. Let go more.  It helps with perspective to stay lighter and more free!

There’s no one but you who knows better than you what’s really best for you deep down and true.  If you’re in doubt, breathe and feel it all out…the ways come, even if they take a while to show up…!

xoxo Dana


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