Feng Shui To Clear The Path To Your Flow Of Abundance!

Jun 29, 2016 | Creativity


Feng shui is all about balance and flow of energy. In essence, the more that energy flows freely, the more that you flourish.

The more you can direct energy, the more that you can do in less time and with less effort.

The more you can eliminate the obstacles in a space- space which includes your mind and your personal energy fields that can actually be measured in very dynamic ways- the more you can reach and risk and really soar.

When I talk about abundance being easy or in flow, I don’t mean that you sit around and stare at the stars and money pours in, or that you “feel it” and it comes or anything else. For all my mystical edges I’m totally practical. I may log more hours of actually creating things than most people I know and at times it might even seem extreme to an outsider, and it all feels awesome.

Most people I know that I admire are big on doing stuff and creating stuff, and they typically, in one way or another, get rewarded for the doing. It isn’t instant and it isn’t always a straight line, for sure.

We all hit bumps in the road- or craters!- but things keep moving if we keep moving…

…and keep clearing space.  

Today, some simple space clearing in fresh ways can start the flow going right now.

Flow is easy, so anything not easy in a basic way isn’t in flow.

Where are you complicating things? That’s a great big question but it’s worth exploring.

If it takes you two hours to get to and from a yoga class in the peak of traffic-time, is that why you barely go? Could you arrive early (and quickly, no traffic) and do other things beforehand that are productive? Could you make your communication easier if you’re always struggling to understand others? Could you learn whatever you need to know so that you aren’t fumbling through the steps of processes all day that could be simple?

Un-complicating stuff makes it all so much easier…!

the state of being Love

What if Love (and all kinds of abundance) is a state of being and not dependent on anything or anyone else?

Attachments that are dependent are often the things that create the biggest blocks to love, success and all sorts of stuff. If you NEED someone emotionally, and you’re in turmoil from the need, that’s something you can clear in therapy, energy work or healing of some kind that makes sense to you. Same thing, if you NEED to make so much money so fast and it’s not because you have a payroll to meet but rather an inner dependence of what that means, the attachment is crazy-making and a great big block.

If you feel like there’s so much you need and it has to happen in a certain way, that’s not flow. It’s need. It’s “I’m empty and I need this.” If you think about it, it’s an awesome way to make life feel very small. At least, it wasn’t for me! I wanted things my way so intensely that I chased away so much good stuff and I couldn’t see how I kept doing it.

Fill your home up with supportive objects. The blender that will help you make the best smoothies, the tools that will help you practice your art or craft (my friend turned a room in his house into a golf simulation room for his daughter and it totally worked wonders for her practice!), the art supplies that bring life to life when you use them….

…and fill yourself up with so much love and energy as you do the things that light you up.

Swap out Judging for Transforming. I know, that’s a simple way to say it… but if you judge your mess of a home, that’s not really motivating, is it? You may clean it up, but the whole time you’re focused on the mess.  What if, instead, you looked at the mess and realized you have a huge opportunity to grow today by really cleaning and clearing it (and all the emotions that come with it… all released… all in the spirit of growth…) ?!

Judging keeps the energy small and miserable, no matter how much better you make them they’re never quite good enough.  The spirit of transforming opens things up so wide and so wonderfully.
Basically, if you’re looking for the lessons you’ll find them.

So many years ago a famous acting teacher told me, “What you criticize you can’t become.” It stuck with me and I see it all around me. So, for example, if you’re judging your boss on his success, or the ways other artists are flourishing, or the leaders of your pack, or anyone else… what they have becomes sort of out of reach. I had a friend who would mock married couples and happy couples who’d post a lot of photos of themselves (I had to distance myself, it was too, too, too negative) … and it’s no surprise she literally hasn’t had a relationship in ten years. Granted, her judgements were all smart and acute and full of her personal reasoning… but all that judgement creates distance.

Lighten up. Keep up the clearing of the heavy stuff. Be more of the Love. Immerse yourself in the joy as much as you can (so much, so much!) and let life stay open to all kinds of awesome surprises…!

xoxo Dana

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