Three Ways To Tap Into The Expansive Power Of Trees

Jun 29, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

the magic of trees

Trees have a special place in my heart and I realized that as a small child when the school bus dropped me off at home one day I realized that the tree in front of my house had been run over by a car.  It was hanging, half there, and it seemed hurt.  I was inconsolable for a few days and don’t think I ever really recovered a sense of peace about the death of that tree since it comes up in dreams sometimes and it’s still so heartbreaking.

While it’s commonplace now to see trees being replaced by superstores and buildings and…we all need to reverse this cycle for the sake of the planet, and that’s well known.  The why’s behind it are a bit more profound than I realized.    Not only do trees bring oxygen into the world, trees also have their own electrical fields that have been measured just like a pulse.  Many believe that trees have emotions (admittedly I do) and there’s research being studied on how trees respond to our human emotions.  Many claim to get wisdom from trees.  They’re used in healing circles as a means of getting grounded and rooted into the earth.

And… they are majestic, adaptable, wise and powerful forces of creativity.

So, how can you tap into tree power?

Plant a tree.  So simple yet so few of us do it.  Plant a tree and watch it grow, talking to it as it takes root and becomes a part of your land and your life. Something huge happens when you start growing lots of nature… You start growing life in ways that are somewhat surreal and powerful. I see it all the time when people plant gardens or get their first plants.  Grow, grow, grow!!!  You can also honor and celebrate people by donating trees in their honor right HERE! 

Feed your trees.  Bring some water.  Bring some plant food.  Bring some good energy.  And sprinkle it all around your favorite tree of the day.  So many people go to nature to get filled up again when they feel depleted, but it’s a whole different vibe to go to nature to give back.  In some traditions, people make offerings to trees.

Wish with trees.  One of the fabled trees in Los Angeles that I love so much is a tree in Griffith Park that has a box carefully tucked into its root system where people leave wishes which are thought to manifest easily.  You can also plant a wish beside a tree, or, as Yoko Ono has famously done, tie wishes on your tree.  These are all ways to get in harmony with the wood energy of growing trees and thrive in concert with their very high vibrations.

Grow, grow, grow…!

xoxo Dana

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