Flowers To Supercharge Your Abundantly Feng Shui’d Life!

Jul 1, 2016 | Prosperity

Orchids in Feng Shui from The Tao of Dana

While Summer can go a bit lazy in the heat and the vibrant reasons to get away, do less and party more, the gift of Summer is that the seeds you plant get harvested in the Fall and Winter.

So, party, rest, swim… and still keep planting gorgeous seeds of magnetic abundance.  By September, you’ll be glad you did!

We’re kicking things off with a strong flower that is forever-present in my own home: the orchid.  With tens of thousands of different varieties, a history of use as healing medicine, and an incredible following by avid collectors who hunt down rare blooms, there’s an orchid for everyone and there’s a linage of orchid grandeur everywhere.  Any way you use these delicate super-blooms to amplify the magnetism of your space & your life is a huge win. 

orchids in feng shui from The Tao of Dana

At the Downtown LA Flower Mart, my favorite view is the sensory overload of orchids for what feels like miles.  With so much variety, so many patterns, and so much uniqueness, it’s like a snapshot of the universe in all its diversity.  I pick intuitively now.  What calls to me is what I need.

orchids in feng shui

Where to use them? There are a few ways to symbolically place orchids in your space.  The big one? Place them where it feels right to you!  That’s always a good option. There’s no “bad place” for an orchid (or for anything else that’s beautiful and thriving) so feel free to make your own way!

In bedrooms, placing orchids in the far left corner from the entrance door = love attraction magic.  A strong, solid, special partner is thought to come with the inclusion of an orchid, or the strengthening of a present love.  Does this work? Well, I can tell you that a strong intention mirrored in space is a very strong intention!  A double-stemmed potted orchid is great here for it’s symbolism.

In offices and communal spaces, orchids are thought to bring the energy of stable wealth-building and flourishing.   Of course, you can get fancy with the colors you pick, the shapes and sizes… but in essence, your choices will be powerful enough to bring that intention you have to life.

Orchids in Feng Shui from The Tao of Dana

And how to keep them thriving? THIS is the ultimate orchid guide I’ve ever found.  

My quick tips are: to keep them in one space (don’t move ’em at all once you place them), feed them an ice cube from time to time in the hot weather,  my bathroom is the BEST orchid spot for it’s sort of tropical shower vibes and diffuse sunlight and shower them with admiration!!!

Enjoy the deep play of your own magnetic summer, and load up your home with these powerful doses of greatness.  The benefits of simple seeds of joy and creative power multiply as you layer them everywhere!

xoxo Dana


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xoxo Dana


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