10 Signs That Your Personal Vibration Is Getting Higher & More Radiant!

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I’m still a little surprised these days when I do a bunch of energy clearing and feng shui with my own self and I’m in the midst of it all and feel like I’m just immersed in the dumping and, yet, people start asking me what I’ve been doing because I seem different in a cool way. I don’t feel it yet (as any of you who’ve embarked on any big project of clearing, from de-cluttering to a difficult breakup of a relationship, or a change of job) but it’s visible to the world even from the very start.

In every level of life our energy is interacting with a lot of other energy. That’s the beauty of life: we’re all connected. And we’re connected to everything. It’s science. We’re in this together.

But, for all the beauty of connection, we can also get enmeshed in the confusions of others, we can pull people into our own confusions, we can get stuck or overwhelmed by spaces and projects and people…and so, there’s always room to clear space. There’s always higher to go.

When you’re “high” in energy, and your humming and buzzing, it’s way harder to get pulled down and entangled in stuff. Love, one of the highest energies on the planet, is sort of a force shield against the negative pull. In fact, if you’re in a conflict right now, the more pure love you can feel and remember and keep in mind when thinking about that person, the more things can smooth out without going into a down-spiral.

If you’ve committed to being lighter, more joyful, happier… that’s the way up in frequency to love. As you rise toward that happiness, you’re likely to feel compelled to let a lot of stuff go.

Whether you decide to simply commit to more happiness, or you dive into practices like gratitude, exercise, meditation, nutrition, energy healing or anything else … it’s always encouraging to see the signs of change and recognize them as a creation of your growing happiness and glow! Some of them I’ve seen and experienced over the years have been surprising. All of them are well worth celebrating and embracing as you go…up, up, up!

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If you’ve been immersed in your own joy-making and life-lightening or you feel like it’s time to do it… here are 10 interesting signs that I see when raising my own vibration (and watching it happen in others all around me!) —

Your clothes don’t feel the same. That’s a fun one. Every time I come back from a Buddhist trip to Japan I feel energetically re-calibrated and I do a big donation of clothes and start fresh.
You might not have such dramatic habits… but you’ll likely find yourself reaching for the clothes that are more playful, colorful or otherwise stunning to match your energy!

Your hair might feel like it wants a new color. I can’t tell you how many times I see hair colors switch when life energy switches. Right now, I’m teetering on the brink of golden blonded, and I’ve not had an impulse to change my hair color for 10 years. Follow the feelings; creativity in personal style is a big part of self-expression.

Food preferences can shift. I’ve seen everything from: Vegan to Paleo (and vice versa) to a new interest in Farmer’s Markets to a craving for certain foods and juices that switches as energy switches. One big thing I see most often around me is that there’s an increased care for where and how food is raised and prepared when energy rises higher.

Favorite colors can change. Colors are a reflection of inner desires and your feng shui elemental makeup which often shifts as you shift your energy.

You might feel like moving… Yep, just one day, it’s time to move.

Things that didn’t seem like clutter become distracting clutter. This is a great benefit of lots of high energy rising… you’re no longer tolerant of the stuff that’s lingering and taking up space in your life.

You might just stop drinking alcohol or other recreational drugs. After a big energy clearing session, for no apparent reason, I just stopped even having thoughts of getting a glass of wine because I feel like now it would bring me down! That’s an interesting shift!

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Synchronicity becomes a new normal. You may be no longer surprised when things appear that you’re needing, people appear at the perfect time, the right opportunities come…and it starts to feel normal. THIS is the best one to me… the magic zone! You might even tune in more to the energy of the moon and the stars and the seasons as you get more in touch with Earth.

Your eyes may change color (or sparkle!) Yes, my own eyes have gotten progressively lighter, and in big upsets, go darker. It’s wild. For some people, it’s the sparkle that grows.

People notice (maybe even before you do!) that something has changed. And that is the ultimate affirmation that higher energy re-tunes and re-organizes your whole life. You can see it!

When you can’t find an answer in your mind or in life easily, let happiness help guide you to it… with a vibration of love and joy that’s higher, higher and higher!!! Choosing happiness, love, peace and the energy that’s clear and calm… that’s the ultimate method of making things go right!



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