Feng Shui To Get So Much More Done & Feel Fantastic Doing it!

Jul 5, 2016 | Prosperity


Amethyst is a stone of peace, harmony, creativity, violet’s inherent spirituality and the gorgeous dynamism of productivity.

Basically, the story of an amethyst describes my perfect state of being, and likely yours, too!

The amethyst is also interestingly linked to temperance, sobriety and the “middle” path rather than extremes.

While you (and I) may have been sold on the idea that there’s something awesome about extreme everything that seems good or tempting or amazing (and in large doses it’s wonderful!) , that extreme isn’t (and can’t be) the everyday pace.  I know, it seems like a great idea… but there’s a lot to be said for calm, focused and balanced living.

Today’s feng shui is all about doing much much more and loving the way you feel as you do it!

Balance isn’t boring nor is it slow or not challenging or a cop out or anything else you may have been led to believe.

Balance. It’s your way to more and better…and breakthroughs.

I know at least two people right now who are drowning in coffee and then escaping into recreational drugs “working” with only about 4-5 hours of sleep on average and getting visibly sick as I type this.  And they are both young.

There are millions of people doing this.

Just like that first rush of coffee made you feel euphoric, you might be chasing coffee dragons to feel the buzz because you’re “borrowing” energy instead of replenishing your own natural reserves.  While the first hyper-speeded deadline made you excited, the fiftieth one may have you in tears.

We are electric.  We need rest, balance and flow.

How did you wake up today? 

Would you expect to work all day if you started with your computer on 18% battery?

If you aren’t well rested, you’re holding yourself back from a lot of flow.  A few days of less sleep won’t be a disaster, but a lifestyle of this and… it’s not pretty.

—> Truly dedicate this week to more sleep and see what happens!!!

If you’re really busy, organize more instead of trying to “push through”.  

Instead of running for a coffee, clean off your desk and your computer desktop and see what a fresh start you feel.  Take a few minutes today and organize a to-do list.

Organize more deeply if you’re so inclined.

If you’re stuck, forcing yourself or under a mountain of tasks, there’s more force than flow in your life. Force creates nothing brilliant.

I’ve had to say no to many things – projects, collaborations- that were cool but not vital in order to give my best to the vital things I knew just had to get done.   I used to just say yes, yes, yes… and I’d wind up exhausted and wishing for the grind to end.

—> If you feel that “grind”of so much to do and endless slogging through, eliminate some force from your space.

Where do you feel stuck? What is in your way? Do you sense obstacles in your furniture layout? Do you just not have enough room for everything? Do you need a storage space or a declutter?  Do certain things in your space make you feel heavy?

Opening up even a bit more space in a room can be a breakthrough for your energy.

Look for the peace vibes.  While passion is incredible, have you been in a passionately love-filled relationship that burnt out as fast as the flames?  Do you love to start things all-in and them fizzle after a week or two?

While that dose of fiery passion will get you going and is vital to have to sustain the greatness of love, art and all productivity, in feng shui, that fire needs to be balanced and fed!   Your fireplace can’t burn without wood!  Wood can’t grow without water.  When the wood burns it becomes the ashes of Earth.  It’s all connected, all the elements.  You can’t just burn, burn, burn when you’ve got nothing to burn!

—> Feed the fire in your life. Feed yourself with energetic food instead of “fake energy” of too much coffee.  Feed your mind with good thoughts.  Feed your relationships with attention.  Feed your projects with focus and care (rather than pure fire and speed)… and keep that fire in balance.  At the core of all great romances is the ability to find a calm peace together.  The great jobs don’t feel like intensity 24-7, in fact, they may start to feel easy and then punctuated with moments of passionate breakthroughs.

Balance your life, balance your home, open up the flow… and remember the universal truth that’s easy to forget: without your well being nothing else matters.  You can get a ton done and still feel great.  Even if you’ve never seen it happen, I promise you, you can thrive and not burn out & you can build things that are stable and successful.

Put your wellness first and let that flow carry you through your home, your office, your thoughts and your creative magic…!

xoxo Dana

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