5 Feng Shui Ideas To Create More Flowing & Fulfilling Prosperity!

Jul 7, 2016 | Sensory Goodness


As a symbolic totem, flamingos are vibrant, social, balanced, elegant,  family-oriented gorgeous creatures.   To me, they are surreal, happy, divine, productive and magical.

The basis of all wealth in this ancient art of feng shui is the type of deep connection, joy and balance that I see when I look at flamingos.

With these pink wonders studding my mind, I’m excited to share some feng shui ideas to open up to prosperity in love-filled ways!

Here are five simple feng shui energy-expanding ideas you can expand upon to allow the flow of abundance into your life in wider, brighter ways…!

Connection is just about everything.

If you’re not connected to what you’re doing, it shows.  We’ve all been on the Internet and seen a boiler-plate template for articles, social media posts and even whole business ideas sort of cut-and-pasted.  I’ve has “experts” tell me that they can rig my SEO so that all my blog posts will get more “rankings” that involves writing with keywords, and I laugh.  I’m not a keyword person, I’m a writer.  If I can’t connect to what I’m doing, it’s not worth doing it.

The same connection applies to friends, family, hobbies, homes… if you’re not feeling the connection, see if you can sink in and strengthen it.  Despite the stories about effortless love and eternal bonding, there’s attention and care and connection woven into true, lasting & fulfilling relationships of all kinds.

Love matters.  Love as in… you care.  Deeply.  Romance is wonderful, but love is compassion, revarance and steadfast non-judgement.  Love feels what other people are feeling with a big dose of empathy and no attachment.  Love energy calibrates so high on the energetic scale of emotions that it’s able to inspire change with its presence alone.  Love doesn’t keep score because it’s not giving in order to get. In fact, it’s fun to give gifts and there’s nothing owed in return.

Think of someone you love.  Would you believe they owed you if you got them a great birthday present?  Of course not.

Think of a job you despised.  Would you believe that they owed you if you did a great job at something, or would it just be a joy to do your job well?

It’s funny, without love, we can feel owed.

Love what you’re doing more and things open up because that contentiousness is gone and giving is a joy.

Hiding out isn’t rewarded.

To dovetail off of the idea of love, there’s the idea of really fully showing up willing to be seen.

Humility is great, but hiding from your talents or doing 70% of the job isn’t going to infuse your life with that dynamic energy that you crave.  What if you poured more of YOU into your work and life? Where are you hanging back?

I can tell you that personally when I switched from largely wearing glasses (my reaction to too much attention from the wrong men for me!) to contacts, a small thing you’d think, my energy shifted in many ways.  It’s not about vanity for me, but about a willingness to see and be seen more…and wow did that make a difference!

What dominates your thoughts will dominate your life.

I can almost read minds when I see what dominates someones thoughts.  Instead of focusing on what you DON’T have yet, try thinking about what you’re creating right now.

If you’re not fulfilled, you’ve got more to give.

Yes, that’s right.  Give in ways that light you up.  We can all be black holes of need and taking and yet… there’s never enough.  I’ve seen vast wealth come to people who were still empty and hollow inside, never fulfilled.  Everything great comes from giving in ways that light you up.

And that’s just the very tip of the iceberg, though all of these ideas are so key to shaking free of stuckness, inertia, blame, anxiety and a feeling of being the effect of circumstances.

We’re all made of energy and we can all change our energy… at any time!  xoxo Dana

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