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Jul 8, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

Simple bunches of flowers might not last for more than a week, but their effect is just… spectacular.  The energy is dramatic.  Visit a giant flower mart or fields and the electricity of the color alone will wash over your mind and clear away any stubborn negativity. Flowers are the light of this post today because they are so… high.  Plants are ultra-high radiant vibes, growing and glowing.

How do we do it? How do we lift ourselves higher?

That’s what feng shui is in my mind, at it’s core- a way to lift up space and life so that we can all be higher and happier and more at peace.

The idea very well-studied and put forth in the book Power Vs. Force by David Hawkins starts us off: one person who is living in the high vibration of love (no judgement, all love) can lift 750,000 people out of painful lower states of living.

Following this well-tested statement it’s assured that if you want to change other people, one thing to do that will help a lot is to elevate yourself. 

Since I read that book- and concurrent with all the strife and anger and pain that can not and should not be ignored in the world- I decided to take my own personal responsibility for what I’m bringing to the world energetically speaking.  If I can go higher in my own energy, I can help others much more.

I used to think that was super-selfish to focus on me… but it’s not selfish, actually.  The higher you decide to raise your life toward joy, the less you’re focused on yourself.  Self-focused people (narcissists, etc) fall lower on the scale where life is harder.  In fact, I hardly consider myself elevated to Love all the time or even most of the time- yet- and I barely look in a mirror any more and there are very few “things” that I want and very many experiences I can’t wait to have with other people.  It’s been gradual, but I see the changes really clearly now.

I wasn’t that high when I started on this path of dumping the negative junk…but I was dedicated.

I realize that’s the essential piece of all of it:

Decide you’re gonna lift up your life…no matter what. 

It wasn’t a cake walk when I had so many obstacles to face.  It was hard to smile and remind myself…but I kept deciding I really wanted to life with more clear energy.  Even when I’d flip out, get super-low or feel wobbly, I kept reminding myself that every emotion is valid, but… I want to keep aiming higher.

When I wake up every day I ask myself… “How can I live higher today?” and I’ve been letting that question create the To-Do list rather than routines and habits.  I’ve been cooking in creative ways and drinking so much water and following cravings, even cravings for where and how I spend my time.

It’s funny how all this beaming energy can look like art.  Some days it takes the form of making art, spontaneously, doodling in margins on phone calls.  Or making mandalas in the sand.  Or painting.

And some days it feels like it’s not quite that exciting.  That’s when I’m prompted to clear more space and see if I can get higher.

I was asking a friend some time ago what new forms of energy work I should do next, because I’m always interested in clearing away more layers of unhelpful ideas, subconscious habits and other crap that’s lingering in mind and holding back life, even in subtle ways.   I’ve tried everything but shamans, and it’s all been really good…very helpful… very life-lightening…

And as I asked her, I heard a voice very clearly that’s not my friend’s voice say, “Do it yourself.”

She then said: “Do self-clearing.”

Yep.  Dump more of my own negative stuff on my own and radiate more good vibes.

And it really does start that easily.

Here’s what I did that helped me so much to clear more of my own heavy stuff,  and it may help you to radiate higher, too.

BREATHE.  Self-explanatory.  But the nuance here is to breathe through all the feelings.  Rather than drinking or taking a tonic or packing your days or getting lost in other stuff that’s numbing… breathe through all the feelings, even the most uncomfortable ones.  This is how they actually get processed and melt, finally.

SLOW DOWN.  Like… a lot.  Slow down.  Especially the mind racing.  Breathe instead.

SEE THE SIGNS.  What’s your home telling you about your life? What are the habits that don’t melt away telling you about yourself? What is that dream you’ve been having telling you?  Rather than looking outside yourself, see where the signs are pointing to you.  Here’s a wild tip: if you see it happening all around you, and you’re judging it, look within and see if that same pattern is in you in some way.  Feeling things and letting them go- aka: surrender- is brilliant space-clearing for your life.

REACH HIGHER.  This is the fun stuff.  Love is the ultimate force shield, so reach for the Love.  Where can you bring even a little more happiness to someone else? That small action every day is so life-altering.  Even deciding to only speak positive words for a day, then two, then three… It’s a wild shift.

All of this stuff is space clearing for your life.  It can be very simple.  There are ways to do it deeper.  There are ways to do it with help.  There are ways to do it intensively with just a simple decision that you’re just going to do it.

Make that decision and you’ll glow without realizing it.  Keep making it.  You’ll have an effect without trying too hard.  You can help others more and you’ll have more resources to help more.  It’s rejuvenating, game-changing and beautiful.

Choose higher and be brave enough to sit through and sweep away all the stuff that comes up that’s been hanging around in your own life too long and you’ve cleared space.  You’ll be more free.  You’ll be more radiant.

We all want the world to change in better and brighter ways, and  I can say for myself I have a long ways to go to reach my own potential.  I keep asking that question every day when I wake up:  “How can I live higher today?”

If you’re with me, if you can wake up and ask yourself how you can get higher in energy and light, moving toward love as a state of being every day,  we can all reach so high.



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