7 Ways That Changing Your Space Can Bring You More Money !

Jul 10, 2016 | Featured, Prosperity

amethyst When you change your space, you change it’s energy… and you change your energy. The ultimate idea in feng shui in my way is to change energy in the highest and most purifying and inspiring ways. There was a disconnect for me when I first learned about feng shui.  I couldn’t see the correlation between changing my home and actually having more money.  I could feel myself becoming more inspired, more creative, more balanced and so much better in so many ways… but I wasn’t one to put faith in my furniture, amulets or charms in order to actually become prosperous, out of debt or pretty much anything else to do with my finances. I had my own ideas about how money was made:  intensive sacrifice, self-punishing hours, extreme discipline and putting everything else last. Sound familiar? I was also… still in debt and even with a very lucrative job and super-low monthly expenses, I somehow managed to not ever have money.  There was never enough, nothing was ever enough. Does this one sound familiar, too? So many of my friends with big jobs had the same big deficit.  So much work, so little happiness and an uphill battle ahead, every day. It’s rare that I throw a spotlight on money itself because in my own life, money is a by-product of so many other core, fundamental things like happiness and flow and love and connection and creativity. But when I started to understand the principles of feng shui in a much more profound way, I understood for myself how changing space could dramatically impact my own prosperity, and I was finally able to free myself of a cycle of limitation and misery. You can definitely impact your finances by changing your space! crystal ball in the sunset Here are seven of the feng shui energy principles that can help you to make more money! Money is energy. Simple one. But if the energy in your life (the general tempo of your close relationships, environment, thought and physical energy) is low or strained, you may see the effects in your money, or the way you feel about making it and caring for it. Attachment is destructive. When you’re too attached to anything, there’s no flow. Attachment is an energy of fear, and you likely know this if you’ve ever been in an unhealthy relationship with someone who is jealous or overly-dependent for no good reason but emotional fear. So many super-rich people I’ve met live in such huge fear of losing their money that even through they have it, the stress and misery makes it more a burden than a blessing. When you’re in more order, balance and flow it’s way easier to create prosperity in every way. chakras Creativity is borne of the same energy as money. The energy of money and that of creativity and that of sex & intimacy are all thought to come from the same area of your body- the power station of the Second Chakra. (*It’s the orange one on the chart above.) Creativity = Prosperity! Your home reflects your life. Yes it does. If I feel a little hazy I know I need to vacuum. Simple example. There are so many ways that are broad and also intensely specific that your space reflects your life and all it’s openness and all it’s limitations. Create a space that feels unlimited and you’re life will reflect that quality, too! Presence is power. Grounded & powerful living is where the fireworks fly! When you’re in a space that’s balanced, you’ll be more present because you’ll feel more supported! Clear space is magnetic. It’s that old adage that holds true: you need to have room for new things to appear. That includes money! What you can confront you can change. By being willing to see anything clearly, you’re already on your way to changing it. The stack of bills that are pushed aside, the work unfinished… it’s all clutter. When you can confront anything, you can change it! healing crystals All of these ways that energy flows are similar to how money flows. More energy= more connection = more creativity = more flow = more money. Sure, you still have to show up and produce things, but the work you do when you’re feeling great is very different from the work you do when you’re running on empty. It’s rare that I have a client who is worried about money that isn’t also running on an energy deficit being fueled with stimulants and plagued by exhaustion. It’s also rare that I see people who are in perpetual financial confusion that are organized and balanced in their homes. It can take a lot of courage to sort out the tough stuff of a financial mess and it’s emotions, but from living it and watching clients do it for years now, it soon becomes… fun. It’s fun because the rewards of synchronicity, opportunity, excitement, abundance, help and peace of mind are so much greater than the momentary confusion. Clear space begets more clear space, and soon, it’s so much easier to have so much more prosperity as one of your best habits xoxo Dana P.S.: The Cash Camp is coming soon. It’s eight weeks of fortune- building Feng Shui to get your money in order & your wealth growing! And… the FREE intro video series to break down three of the big blocks to money in your space & your life kicks things off.   HERE’s where to go to get started! (xoxo!)


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