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Jul 12, 2016 | Prosperity

Letting Go

What does a life of wealth and abundance and all those magic money words feel like to you?

Yes, feel. 

Do you want to feel more freedom, more peace of mind, more security, more safety, more happiness, good enough, more lovable…?

There are so many emotions tied into having things that it’s profound.

Today, let’s talk about letting go of some of the attachments that can make prosperity  (love, wellness, happiness, and actual wealth) seem so distant and stressful and more full of force than flow.

Today is about letting go & prospering!After many years of having a very many things at my disposal, I realized it was all not that exciting or motivating.  I know, I know… it’s easy to say when you have so much… but… when I finally had this super-intense realization, I had well over $100,000 in debt and no job and I was just starting to rebuild my health after a serious crisis.  I had a whole lot and then had a whole lot of nothing where money itself was concerned… and while I wanted to set things straight financially, I had this far bigger feeling that I wanted to have experiences more than I wanted cars and clothes and excessive stuff.

Love, experience, adventure.  It’s invaluable and amazing.

Incidentally, when I went about rebuilding my energy and spirit and self love, the money got sorted out.

People often say the self-help line rooted in good sense that “If you don’t know what you want you’ll never get it.”

Partly I agree, for sure.

But I’m pretty much of the feeling that why you want something is far more vital than a (lovely) number of dollars you want for the sake of having them.

It’s all a feeling.

I don’t think anyone is driven to have money because they like the way the numbers or the paper and coins feel.  It’s much more.

Safety. Security. Energy. Possibility. Freedom.  And much more.

But, when we start to confuse having stuff with being happy or valuable, that’s when the stress starts and the attachments and fear build monumentally.

It’s where these ideas become so prominent, when you’re watching someone in a ruthless drive toward endless amounts of stuff like: money is evil, money makes people crazy, and on and on. It’s not really the money, but usually it’s the crazy emptiness that endlessly drives people to try to stuff their lives with money and objects in order to feel good enough, loveable enough… But, because there’s this big emotional hole inside and money and stuff can’t fill that void, it becomes this endless drive toward having stuff that doesn’t end.

And that attachment, in my mind, is the actual root of lots of problems.

Attachment caused a lot of my own demises, my own super-bad decisions, my own stresses, anxiety and miserableness.  Even when I had lots of stuff and people in my life that were awesome, it was never enough. And so, I keep seeking ways to fill that void, till it took me over.

Money is awesome. Stuff is great.  Attachment is scary and sad.

When you sink deep into the ancient arts like Feng Shui and energy healing practices and ancient philosophies, there’s a higher-purpose behind wealth and prosperity.  Survival, building families, sustaining Nature, helping others… all deeply entrenched in ancient wealth philosophies.

In feng shui, your kitchen is a seat of prosperity because you’re blessed to have food to eat and food to feed your family, and that wellness is real wealth.

In Buddhist philosophy, the treasures of the heart are the ones that people strive to accumulate.  Money itself isn’t a bad thing (it’s vital and great) but the motivation of all things is to reach toward higher joy, love and peace.

Warren Buffet’s wisdom on his essential assets says it best:

“Some material things make my life more enjoyable; many, however, would not. I like having an expensive private plane, but owning a half-dozen homes would be a burden. Too often, a vast collection of possessions ends up possessing its owner. The asset I most value, aside from health, is interesting, diverse, and long-standing friends.”  ~ Warren Buffet  (via)

So there are a load of awesome things that prosperity of all kinds can bring to you… but… it’s tricky if you feel super-attached in a way that’s full of force and stress.

Now, to the book pictured at the top, Letting Go by David Hawkins.  It’s a very simple and elegant idea proposed: let go of the attachments to things and you’ll be more free to thrive and actually prosper.

just do it
Letting go of the emotions of “not enough, unworthy, not valuable” or the fears, the deep anguish and arrogance and distorted ideas…or the worry, the anxiety…

Letting it all go by doing something as simple as this:

Think of something you’re very attached to that’s not working well.  Now, let yourself feel every emotion that surrounds that attachment, one by one.  Feel them- every emotion-  instead of pushing them aside.  The idea (and it’s worked for me) is that if you can allow yourself to feel everything, once you process all the feelings,  you’re free of them.  The attachment is gone and you’re lighter, happier and more creatively alive.

Simple right?

In many ways, yes.

You can try it in relationships, jobs… in relation to your art, your creative work, wellness…

If you have deep stuff to work through, you can do this with therapists, councellors, coaches…

When I’m jogging now and feel myself wanting to quit, I let the feeling move through me instead of pushing it away… and it passes really fast. I do it with challenging problems.  I do it with relationships. I do it in so many ways now, and it feels so amazing.  And… it does make life easier!

Surrender the attachments.  it’s wild how much more present, excited and prosperous you’ll feel.  Clearing away all those toxic ties, you’ll have space for more self-love, and the energy for it, too!   That inner feeling of empty can be filled with awesome self-loving actions every day, actions like… surrender.   The stress gets replaced with vitality.  Life becomes more about everyone and less self-focused.  Love flourishes.  This is the kind of feng shui energy that’s magetic to wealth!

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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!

xoxo Dana




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