Why We All Need More Strala Yoga !

Jul 13, 2016 | Creativity

strala yoga & tara stiles

It really can take a village to make a dream come true.  If I hadn’t met a small group of people many years ago, I wouldn’t be here today.   Tara Stiles is one of the main people in my own village that showed me many, many years ago what was possible in terms of creativity, creating a personal movement and the vast potential of physical movement itself!  Tara’s Strala Yoga is, to me, a huge part of making life happen with more flow and freedom.  She, herself, is an embodiment of all of that movement.

Her book, Strala Yoga, is a must, must, must read.  Even if you’re not a yoga enthusiast (yet!) you’ll be blown away by the philosophy that can move your life to more ease.  Strala is simple, expansive and so powerful for wellness- and for your entire life!  HERE you can grab the book with lots of goodies and class downloads as a gift! 

When my friends at The International Housewares Association ask me to chant with my dearest wellness friends to create profiles on Inspired Home, I was thrilled.  Tara was top on my list, and my gratitide for all that she shares is unending.  You can read the whole thing  here!  xoxo Dana


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