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Jul 15, 2016 | Prosperity

Crystal Essence Sprays From The Tao of Dana

Crystals are pure earth energy, and you can harness that energy very simply to make room sprays that keep the vibes in your home high, light and radiant!  

Here is a very simple way to make crystal room sprays.

The crystals I use for room sprays are single crystals, each will make it’s own spray.

Crystals for Room Sprays from The Tao of Dana

Clear Quartz: super-high energy. 

Sodalite: perfect to clear away draining electronic energy and static in the air. 

Smoky Quartz: protects and clears spaces of negative vibes. 

You don’t need very big stones to do this.

Clear the stones in a bath of sea salt or by running each of them through the smoke of a sage wand until they feel ready. 

Now, add each to it’s own clean glass bowl of pure water OR to a mason jar or glass cup of water. 

Leave them out in the sun and moonlight for a full day.

I don’t hold onto or store these essences- I use them within a few days throughout my house in different ways- so I don’t add a natural preservative like alcohol or grapefruit seed extract.  I keep it very simple.

I pour the crystal essence water carefully into a clean spray bottle and walk through the space clockwise from the entrance door of each room, spritzing to brighten the energy.  

I also add a bit of the water (a few drops) to a bath.  You can also water your plants with a spritz of the essence of your choice.

I prefer my small batch method as it’s potent, it’s simple and it stays very pure.

After a day or two, if I stop being attracted to the essence or I can’t think of ways to use it, I’ll use the leftover to clean floors or wipe down heavily used surfaces, absorbing all of it’s energy gratefully in my home.

Simple, powerful and super-high-vibes!

xoxo Dana

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