Super Space Clearing With Candles & Salt!

Jul 15, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

Salt Space Clearing from The Tao of Dana

If you want to clear some stuck energy out of your home, there are hundreds of methods to try. Today, let’s do some space clearing with salt & candles!

Candles- particularly beeswax pure candles- are wonderful space clearing agents to take the stuck vibes out of an environment. Lighting candles doesn’t just create ambiance because of the dim flickering light- the actual element of fire is potent (in safe, small doses) for creating change.

Salt space clearing is a favorite of mine used in many ways, and today is one of the simplest and most elegant.

I used to stick candles into mounds of salt with intention, letting them safely burn in a fireproof dish. My intention was clear: the space would be clear. The candle would burn. The clearing would be done.

Then, I saw this done and was convinced it was so awesome I had to try it!

  • Crust a bowl in salt by mixing sea salt with a little water and plastering it up the sides of a fireproof bowl as though you were making a pie crust. It’s very fun, it’s quite elegant, like creating a giant salt geode bowl.
  • Then, plop your candle inside. I use small votive-size beeswax natural candles. You can use your favorite natural candles.
  • Set a very clear intention for clearing space. What do you need to release?
  • Now, light the candle and watch it burn. You can visualize negative energy being sucked out of the space as it burns!

(Note: I don’t ever leave these unattended or within reach of pets or kids! Burn candles very safely, please!)

I blow out the candle and restart the candle in clearing sessions until it’s used up completely, and that’s when I dump the whole interior of the bowl (the salt I put in the sink, the wax can be composted (as long as its natural!) and then I start over with some fresh salt.

Simple, gorgeous DIY space clearing!!!

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana


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