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Jul 15, 2016 | Prosperity

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If you want to see wonder, you’ll see it everywhere.

If you want to see reasons, you’ll see them everywhere.

If you want signs, they’ll appear.

This is all really cool science that’s been proven in neurology, physics and psychology, as well as ancient philosophies and everyday life.

I used to hear this and feel… broken. For all my work, my struggle, my sacrifices… nothing was showing up that was so awesome. I was always tired, always trying to predict what would happen next to save me, always hoping for a miracle…

I really was broken, in a sense: but it wasn’t me it was my focus! My energy and focus were broken into so many pieces. So much time was dedicated to “fixing” myself in ways that presumed I wasn’t good enough yet. So many people needed things from me beyond what I could give. So many ways I was struggling.

Things shifted when I started focusing on wonder and started bringing my attention to the things that really made me happy. A massive health crisis helped me to understand that my life would either be one of two things: one big mess of regret living as I was living in this perceived broken state or… it would be one great big creative experiment.

I chose the great big creative experiment… and never looked back!

Today’s Feng Shui is about shifting energy so that it’s focused on building the things that light you up from the inside out. When your energy is moving toward the things your heart is truly set on creating, that’s when magic happens!the presence of wonder is everywhere

A friend just posted that his career is thriving once he decided to stop dating for a spell and focus on his art. Now, as an artist, he’s thriving like never before.

When your heart is set on making something happen, you don’t want to disperse your creative energy wildly in different directions that aren’t making you happy.

Deeply seeded beliefs are the fuel of our focus.  They’re also tricky because consciously I think we all believe we are worthy, peaceful, loving, creative and unlimited beings, but in the more speedy, powerful and wildly computing subconscious mind we’ve absorbed all kinds of other “less-than-gracious” beliefs that are turned on automatically without our awareness.

The awesome news:

You can decide which beliefs you’ll grab most readily, even subconsciously.

You can create new, deeply ingrained subconscious beliefs.

You can have so much more wonder and abundance and creativity and peace and love.

You’ll know when you’re making an impact because you’ll see the signs- happiness, opportunity, abundance, beauty- everywhere.

There’s no radial engineering involved here. It’s actually all very basic.

It all starts with liberty. Anything that is squashing your life needs to go. Toxic people, junk, obligations, bad jobs… all needs to go. This can take courage and courage is a supercharging frequency!

Lighten up.  All the seriousness is force. Force doesn’t create greatness. It creates more force.

Start focusing.  Your energy flows where your mind goes. Your energy also flows where the energy in your environment flows.   Set up a lifestyle where your mind gets to be in a zone where things feel flowing and connected to the day.

Be simple.  Too many goals will squash your life. If you’re trying to achieve incredibly in more than a few areas at once, think about how you’re shortchanging your talent to pile on more. You can always change your mind, set new goals, be interested in new things… but if you’re complicating things you’re sabotaging things.

But… What if you still have negative beliefs lurking in your mind? What if you’re still feeling fears? 

As far as I know, there’s no way to make anything in your subconscious mind “erase” itself. It’s all still there, all those beliefs… but you’re just not apt to grab for them when you’re focused in on building new habits and thought patterns and art and life that you love. Brains are plastic. The take on new shapes. Lives do change for the best, all the time.

If you’re spending your days feeling broken, not good enough yet, not worthy or just not interested in the things around you or ahead of you, the creative experiment of your own life can start right now! You can shift your focus, you can decide to work toward something new, you can dump the extra baggage… and feel that magnetism rising every day!!!

You’ll see wonder everywhere because you’ll be living in a life where you create wonder everywhere!


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xoxo Dana


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