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Jul 16, 2016 | Prosperity

count all your blessings

If you read the above quote from my first true eye-opening author who opened my eyes at a very young age to the world of Creative Visualization, Shakti Gawain, and decided you’ve already heard enough about gratitude and you’re so grateful but you don’t have the money you want and the stuff you want…

Well, let’s start by saying… you’re not alone. I’ve run around being “so grateful” and yet mercilessly bemoaned the fact that I wasn’t getting what I deserved.

It was pointed out to me that this attitude and energy, indeed, is not grateful.

It was also pointed out to me by this same someone who has created 3 enviably empires of actual wealth, plus a beautiful family and an incredible spiritual life and marathon-running health well into her 70’s at the time (and still thriving more every day nearly 80 now… with a whole new business starting up) that nothing would change unless I changed the way I saw things.

I changed my space. I changed my perspective. And I understood what she meant as I watched everything in my life open up in the ways that once seemed so elusive.

Some perspective shifting may ground you in your own prosperity and gratitude right now!

I’m all for having a high bar, setting sites on impossibly big dreams, creating without limits… but if you’re doing all of this with a sense that you’re being disappointed daily by what the world is bringing you…not matching that bar…always lacking… that’s actually what you’re creating: disappointment and lack.

When it was pointed out to me that I wasn’t being grateful, I was super-defensive, yet another sign of a lack of inner-peace and gratitude!

If you feel defensive right now, even hearing this, I understand!

It wasn’t until I got way deep in the “sorting out” of my work, my own energy, my own money, my home, my plans and my past and started understanding how I created my own life for myself that I was able to start feeling really grateful. And more stable. And more full of life. And I saw it reflected everywhere around me.

From there, it’s all up, up, up…!

what can you give?

Here are a few ideas that helped me to shift my space, my plans and my own energy from “never enough” to “constantly-expanding” and “creatively exciting”…!

If you’re looking mainly for what you can get, you’ll likely always come up short. 

The entitled person in the office who is never paid enough, does the bare minimum and is largely not liked: that person will never have enough.

It’s also a contagious attitude. Why do more if someone does less? Why bother?

Instead of wondering how to get more out of a job, a relationship, any endeavor… see what happens shift your energy to creativity. Bring games to your desk. Add color. Create your own work mantra. Clear the decks to make room for more to get done!

Sure, not every job is the best for you, not every environment is healthy or sane, but focusing on what you can give and giving it in awesome ways across the boards in life… that’s huge.

By doing this giving and helping and sharing, I accidentally created this whole world of design and art and feng shui that I live in now! I had a friend who was idling on the same plane in her business decide to start a very hand-on non-profit where she dedicates almost all of her free time. Her business is soaring.

Alignment makes such a big difference.

I once knew a guy who said his mission was to bring peace to the world in very specific ways. While he’d do a little charity time and work like crazy at his job because he said that the wealth would be dedicated to his peace mission, instead he spent his time partying, spending cash on more partying, and living in a general state that fluctuated between depression and rage-fueled frustration, desperately seeking ways to “check out” every day instead of all the meditation, prayer, exercise and love that he had initially planned as part of this peace-mission.

The charity and the good deeds are great, but the big mission of world peace was so not aligned in his life.

That’s an extreme example.

A smaller and more pointed example is applying for new jobs and telling all your friends how you can’t find someone to hire you at the same time. At the same time as you’re creating opportunity you’re pushing it away.

This vintage You Tube on karma is pretty perfect for our discussion today!

Stay aligned simply. Pick your focus and line up what you do with your days and your energy to support your wellbeing. Aligning your home to support your mission takes all of this energy shifting to the next level!

Feeling more grateful yet? 

You know, the traditional gratitude list is never going out of style. Write out all that gratitude for every single thing in the universe that you feel blessed by and practice that list making until you’re lighter and brighter… and then… do more!

Will all of this make you rich? 

You make you rich with what you do in exchange for being paid!

But, all of this will make you more prosperous. It will take you away from some self-destructive tendencies. It will put ground under your feet in a creative sense. It will make the world feel more open and opportunity more profound. From there, it’s way easier to build wealth in every way…and build it solidly because you know it all comes from you!

xoxo Dana

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