Five Super-Simple Ways To Shake Off Stress In A Few Minutes!

Jul 18, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

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While it certainly doesn’t help to suppress anything that’s deep inside and needs to be dealt with (*way better to embrace it and really feel your way through it all) , the stresses of a day don’t qualify in the “to-be-embraced” category in my life!

If you are in need of some quick “shaking off” of stress, you can add these little space & life shifts to your toolbox!

A few minutes to less stress in a day can be yours right now. I collect ways to do this like some people collect recipes, as these are the energy cures that make for days that flow brilliantly!!!

shower meditation from @peacelovevibes


1. Shower Power. This super-simple shower exercise (above) is a bright way to get the stress out in a few minutes.

2. Power Nap. I used to do this when I had a very stressful day job… sneak to my car, set my phone alarm and sleep for 20 minutes. It always worked to re-set my day when nothing else seemed to do it! 5 minutes to 20 minutes of sleep is a brain rest that can reset your day so simply.

3. Shake it Out. Literally. Shake your hands, your feet, jump up and down in one place and let the energy flow off of you that’s weighing you down. Music is always a good thing, too!

4. Walk the dog. If you’ve got one, a dog walk can be the best kind of walk because you’re connecting with something magical- your dog- and your attention goes from you to him or her and the mindful awesomeness that dogs have. Yes, the walking helps too, but the pet part is ultra-fantastic!

5.Drink lots of water. Not caffeine, not juice, not vitamins… just water. Hydration isn’t just amazing for your body, it also fuels your intuition!

Less stress = More of everything incredible.

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana


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