What Can Make You A More Brilliant & Original Creative Genius?!

Jul 20, 2016 | Creativity

Purple Succulents from The Tao of Dana

What makes some people super-genius, super-creative and self-expressed and… really inimitable?

I’m not sure that there’s one simple answer, but there are so many awesome ways to look at your own life and see… how much are you being your most super-genius, self-expressed and truly yourself? 

Out loud or on a sheet of paper, jot down where you’re being super-genius, self-expressed and inimitable.

Where are you bringing 100% to whatever you’re doing in ways that make you feel completely satisfied?

Now… where are you holding back?

Don’t want to be too bold… Don’t want to look stupid… Don’t want to mess up… Don’t want to… Dare to… Couldn’t… Can’t… 

Studying and watching and living around artists for many years before design became my universe, I noticed that there was a common thread that linked all iconic artists:  they were 100% themselves. Whether than meant being too bold for some, too stupid for others… it didn’t matter what anyone else thought.  I always knew who I would see when an iconic artist would show up at a gallery or anywhere else.  100% themselves.  And that’s what attracted me to the world of art in the first place, beyond the aesthetics: personal expression on a high.

You can show up and just be yourself every day and that’s absolute, brilliant and original creative genius in itself on the highest level!  And… if you need a little energy shift to get there… this one’s for you!


be yourself

In the spirit of bringing more of your genius to life right now, here’s some super-inspiring research and experience that shows that going your own way and being yourself doesn’t mean you won’t be scared, that you won’t fail or that you won’t choose the wrong option… but… it does mean you’re really living… and that’s the only path that – for sure-  will be a more true one!

Fail daily at something.  (IE: experiment every day!)

There’s a brilliant video floating around Facebook from Business Insider that features billionaire businesswoman Sara Blakely talking about how she was raised with her family asking her every day how she failed.  Failure was celebrated.  It meant that… well… you’re trying new things!  It’s so brilliant, it’s so insightful, but not many people are raised with failure being viewed as something is amazing.

Do it your way.  THIS TED Talk on being an Original is a must-watch.

And, yes, create, create, create.  

Nothing happens if you don’t make it happen.

I write every single day now because I feel lost if I dont write.  Some days I find a whole new way to work or to think about something when I write.  Some days, I write a haze of nothingness.  Some days are a seismic leap ahead. But nothing happens if I don’t write. And that’s just writing in a journal, not the blog, not articles, not other writing… just my journal is non-negotiable in itself.

It’s a huge part of my days: to be myself, I write.

What makes you feel that connected flow?

Games? Cooking? Walks? Gym? Dance?

Do it daily & do it completely…!

Will this make you a mogul?

Don’t know.


You’ll for sure be more alive, focused, present and excited… and that’s all priceless.

xoxo Dana



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