Simple Feng Shui To Tap Into The Magic-Manifesting Power We All Have!

Jul 26, 2016 | Prosperity

crystals from goldirocks


When I’m asked what crystals to pick, I always start with: which do you feel magnetized toward?

When I’m asked what colors are best, I ask what’s most attractive.

Same with decor… same with everything…

That might seem crazy because feng shui is this hugely vast art and science that takes decades to master… but it isn’t.  It’s where I start with all things.

Of course, as we look at making big changes we’ll tap into the more nuanced, intricate and beautiful parts of element theory, colors, sensory cues, design… but at the core of all things, if you aren’t feeling love for what’s around you, it won’t work.

Without love: You won’t connect.  You’ll feel like you’re settling or like you’re a stranger in your own space.  You’ll always be more empty than full.  That’s the opposite of empowered.

Today let’s look at how you can take the inherent, natural, pure intention and passion and love you have inside (we’ve all got it!) and use it in awesome, life-shifting ways!

love is a verb

Feel things out & clear out what’s not love.

Marie Kondo has swept the globe with her method of having people touch their clothes and their posessions to see if they “spark joy” and if they don’t, they hit the donation pile.  It’s a form of feeling things out that’s very tactile.

Objects have energy.  They are energy.  Feel things out in every room of your house and see decide how much love is flowing in every room.  Carrying out what’s not needed and not loved is so simple, even a single object removed can raise the energy level of your space & life!

Don’t tangle with excuses, they dilute your magic love power.  

When energy is high, beautiful things happen.  HERE’s a roundup of all the stuff that’s been scientifically proven to happen when you’re happier.  More beauty, health & wealth are all on the list!

When you’re tangled up with super-toxic and draining people that you make excuses for (be honest!) … when you make excuses for your own bad habits, when you’re putting off things you need and want because of “practical reasons” that are just more excuses… all these excuses are like putting the breaks on love, joy and happiness.

If you can trade in excuses for actions that bring you closer to that feeling of true (non-toxic, non-harmful) love, you’re making big alchemy happen!

You can put your love-filled energy into any object or any endeavor or any space & transform it.

I’ve seen animals miraculously heal when loved intensely, I’ve healed myself with lots of self-love… Plants can heal with attention.  Anything can transform… with… love…!

Have you seen the Rice Experiment yet? It’s truly a must-watch over-and-over again.

If you’ve got a job to transform, love it (or leave it!)…

Same with relationships, projects, furniture…

You can revitalize anything you want to change with love and attention. It’s your magical manifesting superpower (!) and yet it’s so easy for that love and attention to get burried under a heap of excuses, worn-out ideas, clutter and chaos.

Luckily, you can dust, burn sage, clear space and tap into love any time you need to!

And I hope you do!!!

xoxo Dana

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