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Jul 30, 2016 | Prosperity

rose geode

For many years now, I have been collecting stones as gifts- crystals, rocks, geodes, and even shells, another gift of Nature.  This impossibly beautiful rose geode arrived from Morocco and my mind was blown by its inpossible color and intricacy.  Inside nature, it seems, a whole universe of sprits exists that weave life into beauty, harnessing energy as they move through the Earth.

The energies and mystical nature of Nature itself has always intrigued me in it’s infinite abundance.  Learning to connect more to that Nature can open up your life in profound ways.


When I first learned of Findhorn and the story of it’s gardens, I was enchanted. Not only is it a story about creating in concert with Nature with a capital N and a story about creating the abundance you need…it’s also a story about creating one’s own universe as Findhorn evolved.

The Findhorn community was started by Peter and Eileen Caddy, as well as Dorothy Maclean.

After losing their jobs running a four star hotel, they all moved to the little village of Findhorn and lived in a caravan with 3 children. With very little money, they needed to find a way to eat. They couldn’t feed six people on their tiny unemployment checks so Peter decided to grow his own vegetables.  The problem: the land was impossibly dry, sandy soil that would not likely grow even weeds!

If you’ve ever been to this part of Scotland, you’ll know a bit of the impossible topography.  Moreover, if you’ve ever tried to grow vegetables in even average soil, you know there are many factors involved to make a decent harvest possible.

Dorothy tapped into something higher, a creative force advising her,  spirits from Nature-  or as she called them devas-  that were advising them on how to care for their crops. Miraculously, they yielded astonishing results with the help from these angels, producing vast abundance!  Huge plants, herbs, flowers and even a 40 pound cabbage….all sprang forth from this fairly barren soil.   The Findhorn Garden Story book is incredible and you can grab it here. For both gardeners and life-livers, it’s a true story of intention made manifest in concert with Nature.

Findhorm evolved into a major institution on the top of my list to visit!  In 1970 David Spangler and Myrtle Gaines moved to the community to organize their spirituality program, The University of Light, which would become the focal point of their community. They run 200 workshops per year as well as conferences and events.

In 1972 the community was registered as a charity, The Findhorn Foundation. In 1997 the Foundation was recognized as a an official non-governmental organization and participates in UN events.

  • Findhorn is an eco-village in Scotland which has a strong community of people with similar ecological, economic and spiritual ideals. The main principle of an eco village is to not take away from the Earth.
  • The have their own locally grown food production through EarthShare which utilizes biodynamic, organic farming methods. This brings the community their produce as well as organic eggs, meat and cheese.
  • They have an many buildings and homes with renewable energy systems. They have their own ecological electricity grid, using solar, wind and wood power for energy.
  • They have ecological sewage plants that use the Living Machine and Biomatrix. These are water tanks that contain algae, bacteria, plants and micro-organisms that naturally clean the water and allow it to be put back into lakes and oceans.

Really, what Peter, Eileen and Dorothy created out of necessity for their own abundant survival – with faith, trust and nature as a guide-  became a microcosm of the potential for their own universe.

We’ve all got that same direct line to the devas, the guides, to the wisdom of Nature, creative electricity and intuition.

Harnessing your intention to create abundance is a great big deal.  If you know what you need and you stay focused on creating it- focused on the positives only – you’ll create whatever you think you can create!

Doing this in ways that flow with the forces of Nature is an even bigger deal. If you have to work 24-7 for endless hours you aren’t working with Nature, you’re forcing life.  If you deal with stress instead of creative energy as your guiding force and motivation, you aren’t creating with Nature.  Take a lot of time to sink deep into Nature and get quiet.  A park, a lake, a beach… all brilliant for this checking-out and tapping-in time!

Resolutely and calmly deciding to live with the guidance of your Intuition (not “what you’re told” but “what you feel”) is amazing.  It will prompt you to sweep away the noise, the drama and distractions that are not natural at all!

Respect Nature much more.  Take the time for sustainable choices, limit your trash, recycle properly, compost much more, use less packaging… Eat more plants, be more mindful of taking plastic straws… This is a very big deal.

Work on creating your own Utopia every day by designing your home and life in ways that support your own personal interests in a big way. The blog is full of Feng Shui to get started on these lifestyle shifts with energy and intention.  The e-guides like Feng Shui 101  can help you make shifts in rituals and design space more intentionally.

And of course, ask for guidance.  When I don’t know what to do, I pray in my own way for guidance.  Even if you simply sit and talk to a tree and get the guidance you need, or ask the Universe for guidance with specific situations and then watch for the signs, they’ll come.

Every day in every way… this is the coolest way to live, tapped into more Nature magic and your own magic within.  Prosperity becomes less of a mystery and more of an exciting creation in concert with all kinds of exciting life force!

xoxo Dana

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