Energy Testing To Tap Into Your Intuition!

Jul 31, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

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A long time ago when I was on one of my million searches for someone to show me the way to get to where I wanted to go in life (IE: where to focus, what to eat, how to change my habits, the list is exhaustive of how little I trusted myself and my own intuition!) a very wise person I still admire to this day told me: ” You already know all the right answers.”

But… I really felt like I did not know!

People can advise you on best practices, provide new viewpoints, wisdom based on experience and their own intuition, but, ultimately, we have to “feel” what’s right for ourselves.  That was a tough one for me, but it moved me to learn to stay more still, more quiet, to clear more space and drama and confusion and tap into what I knew much more than what I could have someone tell me.

Developing your own intuition is a personal journey.  Today, I’m sharing a few simple tools that helped me to tap in for myself in small yet very meaningful ways: self energy testing! 

Energy testing is something I’ve learned intitially from chiropractors, healers, and then refined more after reading David Hawkins’ book Power vs. Force. (** a book I love!)

This is a very simple introduction. You can be far precise and use these tools in a vast spectrum of ways, but I find simple is always best as this is not a substitute for trusting your feelings, it’s one added tool for your toolbox.

NOTE: Energy testing is “not” a substitute for medicine or medical advice and it’s certainly not foolproof, but its a way to practice strengthening your own intuition 🙂

Everything is energy and we are energy beings. Even inanimate objects are energy! The more we all can tune onto the energy of objects, people and even information in ways that are harmonious, the more harmony we’ll find everywhere. Ultimately, intuition is our guide, and energy testing can help you to tune into that intuitive voice more clearly.

At the very least, it’s fun!

And, it may surprise you how your fingers go weak or your body sways away from things and how other things pull you toward them… as it has consistently surprised me in such fun ways.

Have fun!!!

xoxo Dana




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