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Jul 31, 2016 | Prosperity

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When life is in order, everything feels so easy, doesn’t it?

If it’s been a long time since you’ve had that sense of peace, confidence and wellbeing, it’s time to make that a priority because it’s from a calm state that amazing things happen.

I love the energy system that spans the core of our body from tailbone to top of the head known as the chakras. They are beautifully integrated and working to balance them is richly rewarding- and fun.

When these spinning energy centers are active, alive and in harmony, our own personal energy fields are so much stronger.

Strong energy fields = lots of magnetism!!!

Let’s do some tuning of chakras to create abundance today!chakras

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Today my sister- numerologist Nicole Claudat- explores the very fascinating, creative and fun ways that you can energetically align your life much more to create more abundance through chakra balancing.

Your outer world is a direct reflection of the health of your inner world or physical body. We all have energy centers throughout our body and these centers collect energy in the forms of vibration and color, and are known as chakras.

Chakras operate on many different planes: physical, mental and spiritual. Your chakras absorb the energy of others in your environment, and you also emit the energy of your chakras to others around you. Therefore, if you find yourself attracting the same people, creating the same problems for yourself, it might be a good idea to work on your chakras, or the energy you are radiating into your environment.


What can you do to increase the abundance in your life in harmony with the chakras?

Find where you’re most feeling imbalanced and start creating more dynamic equilibrium!

Root Chakra: (located at the bottom of your spine) If you find yourself insecure about making money, anxious or worried just at the thought of money, it is most likely that your root chakra is blocked and is blocking money (energy) from freely flowing to you. This is the chakra that keeps us grounded and if it is blocked or out of balance it can cause major insecurities about one’s survival. Eat more root vegetables, take many walks, listen to music and ground yourself by walking barefoot often.

Sacral Chakra: (located between belly button and pubic bone) This is the creative chakra that also rules our sex drive. If the notion of money makes you sad or angered, it very likely you are suffering from a blockage or imbalance here. Creativity helps manifest money and when blocked, it doesn’t flow in. Surround yourself with beautiful things. Relax. Eat plenty of oranges, carrots and peaches.

Solar Plexus: The third chakra is all about force and action. If you find that you are actively working extremely hard to make money and are still experiencing a dearth of funds, this would be the chakra to unblock or put into balance. Making money doesn’t have to be as arduous and painful as it feels when this chakra is out of line.

Heart Chakra: (located in the middle of your chest) Do you feel in your heart that you deserve money? If you find yourself feeling guilty for having money or not worthy of having an abundance of money (energy), you most likely need to work on your heart chakra.   Don’t emotionally beat yourself up. To unblock this chakra have gratitude for what you have. Be thankful for everyone in your life and take note of how much they love you.

Fifth Chakra: (located above the collar bone) This is the energy center for communication. If this is out of balance you may feel unable to ask for money owed to you, or cower at the thought of asking for more money for a job you have done. If you’d rather dip into your own pocket than ask for money you earned and deserve, this energy area is most likely blocked. Bust out a tune, blog, write in a journal, communicate how you feel.

Third-Eye Chakra: (located in the middle of your forehead) Do you live by your own truth? Can you abandon the limited perception other people have on abundance and imagine or vision yourself with a wealth of money and love? If you answered yes, this chakra is extremely balanced. The tell tale signs of the third-eye being blocked are feeling very confused when it relates to generating money, and taking on too many other people’s vision for their future and not thinking for yourself. Meditate. De-clutter your mind of extraneous observations to make room for the visions you choose to have for your future.

Crown Chakra: The insecurities that manifest with a blockage in this Chakra is bad money management, always having to ask others for financial advise, and not knowing how to spend, invest, ect. There is much fear here because the person wants to be so careful spending money as if they will not generate anymore. Is someone bringing you down? Take time to do activities that make you feel good about yourself and peaceful. When this chakra is out of balance, it is very important that you regain your sense of self.

Simple shifts can bring you into more energetic alignment, a state where prosperity flows much more freely.   Think in terms of a small shift that resonates with creating more balance… then another… then another… and soon you’ll have redesigned a whole new life that feels spectacular!

xoxo Dana

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