Feng Shui To Clear Negative Energy That’s Blocking Your Abundance!

Aug 1, 2016 | Prosperity

create a magical vacuum for prosperity

In feng shui, prosperity is viewed as a state of being where nothing is in your way.

And today’s feng shui is all about creating a ritual… making a Door Opening Bowl… to create more awesome opportunity!!!

You know: in a state of abundance, you’re this unstoppable magnet.   All kinds of great things – from finding money to gifts to jobs – sort of pour down with ease every day. You’re excited, happy and grateful.

But… if you do something like get tangled in a super-toxic relationship, you might find that the negativity that consumes your life closes doors to your prosperity. You’re stressed, you’re frantic…and your energy repels money, opportunity and all greatness that once came easily.

Obviously it’s time to first fully remove yourself from harmful, toxic entanglements… but when the negative energy lingers-  as it can do-  it can still be a big block to wealth and prosperity.

If you’ve got lingering negativity blocking your own prosperity, and you’ve tried to clear it to no avail, start here by making a door opening bowl, a ritual that has lots of power, putting energy steadfastly behind eliminating any block in the way of your abundance!!!

And… there’s so so so much more feng shui coming to open the doors to all kinds of abundance, so make sure you sign on for over an hour of FREE wealth-building feng shui videos right HERE!!!

xoxo Dana

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