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Aug 1, 2016 | Prosperity

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It’s a season of abundance, and today, I’m so excited to share the biggest lessons from one of the coolest and most fundamental books that I’ve read and practiced in my life.

There are a few books that helped me to shake off very deep limiting beliefs and start exploring my interests.  Ultimately, accidentally, these books helped steer me onto a career path that is so exciting I still barely believe it exists (probably because I create it every day!) and I’ve payed tribute to many of them already…

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

Drawing On The Right Side of The Brain by Betty Edwards

And: Living in the Light by Shakti Gawain!

Today, I’m so excited to dive back into my New York days of toting around this book and all the lessons, gifts, wins and abundance it’s brought into my life.  There are a handful big concepts that have never left me from Living in the Light– visualization, decisions, balance, meditation- that can transform your own picture of wealth today!

“The more we learn to operate in the world based on trust in our intuition, the stronger our channel will be and the more money we will likely have.” Shakti Gawain – Living in the Light

living in the light shakti gawain

Shakti Gawain’s Living in The Light was my handbook to living a lighter life in New York City when, fresh from college, the waves of influence were pulling me in every glamorous- but unfulfilling & sometimes-destructive- direction.  To say my life was crazy, imbalanced and yet alluring was an understatement.  I barely slept, I was getting press in huge newspapers (?) and yet I had almost no job (freelancing and showing up in the gossip columns in Manhattan is a weird thing to be sure…), I was looking to write books and be an artist in a landscape that I had no idea how to navigate, no matter how many glamorous people I knew…. and I was lost.

I was looking to other people- friends, mentors, psychics, teachers, strangers-  to show me the way, until I found this simple wisdom that gave me idea of how I could find my OWN way!

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I carried this book and my Composition Book journal through the West Village, from yoga classes to coffee shops and juice bars long before anyone did anything like yoga or meditation as a cool things to do (!) and  her concepts and wisdom to help me to understand how to transcend the noise and start following my own deep ideas of what was right for me.

The biggest truth I learned: our intuition is an infinite supply of information full of wisdom and knowledge. Logic is limited.  Intuition is vast.

It’s also sometimes hard to access that intuition, especially if your life is cluttered or you feel your energy has been drained in some way.

Trusting in yourself and the power of a benevolent Universe was one of the greatest gifts of this book.

Visualization is such a beautiful process, especially when it involved TAKING ACTION along with visualization! 

It took some time to master, but I love this simple visualization exercise:

Find a quiet place where you can be alone.  You can either lay down or sit up, it’s all your personal preference and how you feel most comfortable.   Take a few slow, deep breaths, relax your mind and allow your thoughts to freely float without focusing on any one thing.  

Focus in on your abdominal are, your gut where those gut-feeings are centered.  

Create a mental image of a wise and powerful entity residing in this area.   You can create a picture of what your guide looks like or you can trust that your guide is there.   

Ask it questions regarding decisions you have to make or ask it for guidance.

Stay open and receptive, listening for the answers to drift in.

If you feel you aren’t receiving answers, you need to be patient.

Keep on with your day and the answers might appear in the form of an opportunity, an idea, or a gut feeling.  

Be sure to act on this gut feeling immediately.  You’ll know you did the right thing if your decision leads to a feeling of energy and happiness.

Practice this daily and you’ll be in far more receptive state as a practice, recieving guidance in all ways to lead you through your day. 

This meditation led me to Los Angeles, it led me to so many incredible and cinematic experiences, and I practice this every day!

Money flows to open channels. 

Energy, especially creative energy fuels our ability to make money. The energy in our Universe is abundant and limitless, therefore so is our ability to earn money. When you are attuned and trust your intuitive guidance, and allow energy to flow freely without blocks, you’ll receive the money you truly need.

When you trust that the Universe will always guide you in the right direction, and you tap into your intuition to make decisions, there will be less fear surrounding money. Without fear and with trust in the Universe, your sense of security and confidence will allow you to attract more money.

This is a big deal.  Shake off the fear!!!

Balance is a very key element in generating money.

If you like to spend very freely and don’t really care about having or not having money, if you start making a budget, you’ll create more balance.  In this way, you are gaining a greater understanding of how money works.

On the other hand, if you are constantly saving and fear losing money or being without money, you should let go of such a stringent fear about not having money, spend a little more freely, let go of your usual stringent ways of spending and allow your intuition to be your guide.

Focus on expansion.

Money is energy and by law, it will attract your needs and visions. If all you focus on is paying your bills, food and necessities, this is generally what the Universe will provide you with. If you start to make more money, your general, basic needs may increase, and therefore you still will only have enough to get by.

It’s happened to me three times- I doubled money and then doubled expenses- and the cycle continued  until I understood where I was putting my energy every day. 

If you’re just getting by and making it each month with a focus on paying the bills alone: what if you focus in clearly on the bigger, more fantastic goals and wishes you have instead of simply paying the bills?

Keep thinking of expansion and you’ll help bring that expanded picture into your life!

I love Shakti Gawain’s work so much, and this book was and is an absolute must-read on my personal book list of must reads!!!

xoxo Dana

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